Who Are You? Top Tips on Creating an Unforgettable Brand

Having a strong brand is more important than you may know. If you don’t know who you are, how is your audience meant to?

Why Branding is Important for Small Businesses

why branding is important for small businesses

Branding is more than a logo and business cards, it’s recognition, relevance and trust – it’s everything. If you want to be successful, keeping your branding fresh should always be a priority for your business. Don’t miss out on capturing new audiences’ attention because you haven’t invested in your brand, and don’t stay static in […]

How your branding can boost marketing capabilities

Your brand is everything. Trends are constantly shifting and evolving, which means you can risk getting left behind. Many owners tend to stick with the same brand since it feels comfortable, and they may have enjoyed reasonable success. But, nothing lasts forever. Keeping your brand fresh should always be a priority for your business. 

Audio branding – so what is it?

We talk a lot about our branding identity, image and personality, but we don’t really hear (get it?!) much about brand audible guidelines. Typically missed out of the standard brand guidelines, audio (or acoustic or sonic or sound) branding goes much deeper than your tone of voice. 

What can you take away from the Android rebranding?

Google recently unveiled the rebrand of Android. This includes everything from an updated wordmark, modernised colours and even a new and improved logo (known locally as Bugdroid). The overarching theme appears to be a focus on delivering a more premium and grown-up approach to the brand, alongside improving accessibility to meet the needs of a much wider customer base.

What does your content say about your brand?

The way that you portray your brand is not only conveyed through your website layout, your logo or the style of the illustrations of images on your site. Your content construction can say a whole lot about you and if the copy on your blog or information pages doesn’t align with your brand ethos or objectives, it can be confusing for potential customers.

Without brand management, no-one will ever love you

It may sound harsh, but it’s true. In a world, saturated with so many industries, which are subsequently saturated with so many companies, a brand identity is what sets you apart and encourages loyalty.

Building the ultimate startup investment pitch deck

No matter the product or service, when trying to secure funding and faith in your creation, your investment pitch deck is your best friend.

Food just isn’t what it used to be…

Consumption is changing and food culture is transforming. With the combination of multiple macro factors and trends which ended up sticking around, traditional approaches to food are being uprooted and tossed out the window – primarily by the younger generations. 

How can brands boost the popularity of women’s football?

A record number of viewers tuned in to watch the BBC coverage of the Women’s World Cup, amounting to 28.1m viewers. This amounts to just under half of the UK population (47%), with 11.7m people tuning in for England’s semi-final loss achieving the highest live TV audience of 2019 so far.


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