Durex's Strategic Leap to TikTok: A Boost in eCommerce Sales and ROAS

Client: Durex

Regions: European Union

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully launched their first-ever TikTok campaign
  • Generated over £500,000 in sales through their eCommerce store
  • Increased ROAS on existing channels by 25%


Durex, a global leader in the condom market, renowned for challenging norms and breaking stigmas, aimed to enhance its online e-commerce performance across the European Union. Despite a firm market presence, the brand sought to leverage the potential of paid advertising to drive online sales and intensify brand engagement.


Despite its dominance in the market, Durex faced the challenge of boosting online e-commerce sales across the EU. The objective was not just to increase sales, but also to leverage paid advertising for better brand engagement and drive an improvement in ROAS.

Strategic Approach

We adopted an innovative, two-pronged approach, embracing TikTok for a new campaign and optimising existing advertising channels to augment both reach and efficiency.

Embrace TikTok: Recognising the potential of TikTok’s engaged user base, Durex was introduced on the platform with its first-ever campaign. This move aimed at reaching a broader audience and driving sales.

Optimise Existing Channels: To maximise reach and efficiency, we further refined the performance of ongoing campaigns on existing advertising channels. The goal was to increase Durex’s ROAS and achieve higher user engagement and sales.

Performance Highlights

ever TikTok campaign successfully launched
1 st
in sales through ecommerce store
£ 0 +
Increase in ROAS on existing channels
0 %

New Platform Drives Results: The strategic shift to embrace TikTok for their first-ever campaign paid off, with their TikTok campaign outperforming previous efforts on Facebook and Instagram. This innovative move, combined with the campaign’s success, resulted in over £500,000 in sales through their eCommerce store.

Increased Brand Visibility: In addition to the new TikTok campaign, optimising existing advertising channels played a crucial role in the overall strategy. This approach not only enhanced the campaign’s reach but also yielded a 25% increase in ROAS, enhancing online sales and brand visibility for Durex.


The ingenuity of our approach, leveraging TikTok for Durex’s first-ever campaign and optimising existing channels, effectively boosted online sales and brand engagement. The impressive surge in eCommerce sales and the significant increase in ROAS underscore the effectiveness of a diversified and dynamic advertising strategy in driving business growth.

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