Do you get TikTok?

If you didn’t know, TikTok is the social sharing platform taking the world by storm. You’ve likely seen videos reposted from the platform on |instagram or heard your kids or much younger siblings talking about it.

Gen Z: If you don’t know, get to know.

Gen Z. The generation of consumers born in the mid-1990s is coming of age, and marketers need to pay close attention.

Influencer Marketing: Get the best out of it

Influencer campaigns can and do work wonders for brands and businesses when run effectively. It’s a strategy that cannot be avoided in the digital age.

What does online activism mean for your brand image?

It’s important for brands to understand their position within social activism, what they believe in and how this affects and shapes brand image.

The no-like era of Instagram

Fake metrics and fake followers could soon be stomped out by Instagram removing likes. Instead, higher quality content will become the focus.

Rebalancing the scale – Determining the future of alcohol sales

Alcohol brands who want to attract the Gen Z audience need to help rebalance the scale of inequality on a local and global scale.

How can fake news wreck your brand?

Fake news isn’t exclusively reserved for President Trump, it could also result in long term and significant damage to your brand image.

Why brands need to get clued up on gender

Whether you like it or not, Gen Z are the generation shaking up the gender norms. If your brand doesn’t keep up you’ll soon see sales drop.

How can user-generated content boost your e-commerce brand power?

Your customers are your best sales people. Integrating their content into your strategy can boost your reputability and trust with new customers.

Getting started with micro-influencer marketing

purple geometric pattern

As you probably already know, influencer marketing is the process of working with highly influential individuals, typically on their blog or social media channels, to reach their audiences with your product or service. The overarching objective is to use the influencers powerful voice to boost the awareness and appeal of your brand. Influencer marketing is […]