Favoured Wins Top B2B Marketing Award

Favoured is a results-driven marketing agency looking to deliver the best performance for our clients. We specialise in app, eCommerce & B2B marketing, as well as digital strategy for small businesses. We work across a range of industries, giving us a wide array of experiences and skills, which help us adapt to each and every […]

Keep your app users coming back for more – How to engage with users for optimum retention

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You only get one shot at making a good first impression. The average app loses around 77% of users within the first 3 days, so designing a great user experience to capture and maintain attention is essential.

Want to see those download numbers soar? How to optimise your mobile app user acquisition strategy

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No matter how amazing your app is, if nobody knows about it, its 100% going to fail. You will need to work hard to get the right information in front of the right people at the right time, to encourage them to download and interact with your app. Sounds easy enough, right?

Money for Millennials – how is fintech evolving to meet the needs of this generation

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Take a look on any social media or general interest site and you’ll find posts written by millennials complaining about the lack of education on how to manage finances, how to understand why and what insurance you need and how to apply for mortgages. It’s something that we’re never officially educated about, but it’s a […]

20 ideas for devising your mobile app marketing strategy

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There are tonnes of ways to market your mobile app, from traditional approaches to digitally-focussed options. Here are 20 actionable ideas which can be implemented to supercharge your marketing efforts, without costing the world.

Make yourself known – get to grips with mobile app advertising

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There is a wide range of marketing channels to consider when planning how you will boost the visibility of your app. There are dozens of choices for advertising your mobile app, with each having different likelihoods of converting, targeting methods and costs.

Stickiness? Discerning what makes your mobile app better than the rest

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Mobile app stickiness is all about regular active users. They consider your app useful or enjoyable, and they use it as such. For many app developers, they want to figure out the key to making an app stickier, this lies in understanding what keeps users coming back for more.

AR and VR? What’s the difference and why should you care?

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More and more brands are now taking advantage of AR and VR, but for some, the leap in technology is still somewhat of a novelty and more than slightly confusing. We decided to tackle the topics of VR, AR and decipher why you should care about them and what they can offer your business. Although […]

How can you optimise your mobile app startup marketing capabilities through tech stacks?

Your tech stack is the combination of software products you implement, which can then be used to understand the effectiveness of your marketing and how that translates to users in your app.