Marketing in uncertain times

During these unique set of circumstances and uncertainty, it can be difficult to know whether you should be continuing your usual marketing practises, halting them entirely or devising new ways to communicate and support your customers or users.  The answer is really all three –  for some brands it makes sense to continue as normal […]

Gen Z: If you don’t know, get to know.

Gen Z. The generation of consumers born in the mid-1990s is coming of age, and marketers need to pay close attention.

Influencer Marketing: Get the best out of it

Influencer campaigns can and do work wonders for brands and businesses when run effectively. It’s a strategy that cannot be avoided in the digital age.

What does your content say about your brand?

The way that you portray your brand is not only conveyed through your website layout, your logo or the style of the illustrations of images on your site. Your content construction can say a whole lot about you and if the copy on your blog or information pages doesn’t align with your brand ethos or […]

The no-like era of Instagram

Fake metrics and fake followers could soon be stomped out by Instagram removing likes. Instead, higher quality content will become the focus.

You should be spending more time thinking about longtail keywords and less about vanity terms

Users actually search with long-tail keywords, so your website content, copy and video should ensure that you are catering to more complex search terms.

Why doesn’t your brand have a mobile content strategy?

Creating a mobile content strategy means considering how users access and interact with your content on mobile devices, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Will AI-generated content wreck the internet?

AI-generated content – friend or foe? Will it ruin social media and wreak havoc with search engine rankings, or could it be the answer to going viral?

How can user-generated content boost your e-commerce brand power?

Your customers are your best sales people. Integrating their content into your strategy can boost your reputability and trust with new customers.

How Gen Z is throwing off the alcohol industry

Gen Z drink less alcohol than any of their predecessors and brands want to know why this is and what they can do about it – here’s our industry insight.