Favoured Wins Top B2B Marketing Award

Favoured is a results-driven marketing agency looking to deliver the best performance for our clients. We specialise in app, eCommerce & B2B marketing, as well as digital strategy for small businesses. We work across a range of industries, giving us a wide array of experiences and skills, which help us adapt to each and every […]

Influencer Marketing: Get the best out of it

Influencer campaigns can and do work wonders for brands and businesses when run effectively. It’s a strategy that cannot be avoided in the digital age.

How your branding can boost marketing capabilities

Your brand image affects your ability to effectively market your company. Brand evolution has to occur in order to keep up with changing trends and opinions

What can you take away from the Android rebranding?

The update and rebranding of Android was dictated by the primary goals of creating a more premium brand image and ensuring accessibility is more prominent.

The long and short of eCommerce marketing strategies

We’ve rounded up some tips to help you optimise your eCommerce marketing strategy tactics and help you boost your number of online sales.

Why doesn’t your brand have a mobile content strategy?

Creating a mobile content strategy means considering how users access and interact with your content on mobile devices, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Rebalancing the scale – Determining the future of alcohol sales

Alcohol brands who want to attract the Gen Z audience need to help rebalance the scale of inequality on a local and global scale.

How can fake news wreck your brand?

Fake news isn’t exclusively reserved for President Trump, it could also result in long term and significant damage to your brand image.

Why brands need to get clued up on gender

Whether you like it or not, Gen Z are the generation shaking up the gender norms. If your brand doesn’t keep up you’ll soon see sales drop.

How to evolve your brand guidelines

Learn how to optimise and evolve your brand guidelines to ensure your team can communicate with customers in their various emotional states.