Middle of Funnel Marketing; Why it’s important and how to get your sh*t together

middle of funnel marketing

What is marketing?

You don’t want much from me, do you? Tell you what, send me a book contract and “Marketing for Dummies by Dannii” will be heading your way.

My phone’s not ringing with a million publishers so I’ll take that as a no. Don’t worry, you’ll still get my superb wisdom, just condensed into a middle of funnel marketing blog. You’re welcome.

Let’s Celebrate! Favoured Teams Up With Top Design Firms

We’re Favoured. A vibrant digital marketing agency here to bring your ideas to life.
Yeah we know, that sounds like every other marketing agency description, but we honestly mean it. We have experts (just saying, our co-founder is a former Apple marketer) that will support your business from creatives to middle of funnel, all the way to top of funnel. You get the complete package helping you to achieve your business goals through our world-class digital marketing solutions.

The power of Instagram: top tips for Instagram marketing

Social media has taken over the world! Good news for us? It’s a great marketing platform. But, if you weren’t brought up on the likes of Instagram, TikTok and Twitter it can be tricky knowing where to start. Let’s focus on Instagram, shall we?

Favoured Wins Top B2B Marketing Award

Favoured is a results-driven marketing agency looking to deliver the best performance for our clients. We specialise in app, eCommerce & B2B marketing, as well as digital strategy for small businesses. We work across a range of industries, giving us a wide array of experiences and skills, which help us adapt to each and every business’s problem. 

How your branding can boost marketing capabilities

Your brand is everything. Trends are constantly shifting and evolving, which means you can risk getting left behind. Many owners tend to stick with the same brand since it feels comfortable, and they may have enjoyed reasonable success. But, nothing lasts forever. Keeping your brand fresh should always be a priority for your business. 

What can you take away from the Android rebranding?

Google recently unveiled the rebrand of Android. This includes everything from an updated wordmark, modernised colours and even a new and improved logo (known locally as Bugdroid). The overarching theme appears to be a focus on delivering a more premium and grown-up approach to the brand, alongside improving accessibility to meet the needs of a much wider customer base.

The long and short of eCommerce marketing strategies

Let’s get right into it…

Why doesn’t your brand have a mobile content strategy?

Mobile optimisation is non-optional. C’mon, we’re halfway through 2019, it’s been non-optional for a while now. Essentially, if your website and presence aren’t optimised for mobile users, then you’re excluding a huge potential portion of your customer or user base.

Rebalancing the scale – Determining the future of alcohol sales

The sales of alcohol-free options such as beer and cocktails have exploded in recent times. The younger generations, particularly Gen Z but some Millennials are also following suit, are reducing or abstaining from alcohol altogether.

How can fake news wreck your brand?

You might have seen the phrase online and spurting out of a certain Presidents mouth once or twice over the past few years. Yes, we’re talking about ‘fake news’. The term applied to ‘news’ which is junk or pseudo-news. 


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