Let’s Celebrate! Favoured Teams Up With Top Design Firms


We’re Favoured. A vibrant digital marketing agency that helps eComm and app brands to accelerate their business.

Ugh. Yeah we know, that sounds like every other marketing agency description, but we honestly mean it! We’re not like everyone else – we have industry experts (just saying, our co-founder is a former Apple marketer) that will support your business from top of funnel (acquisition – paid ads), all the way to middle of funnel (think retention – emails, push notifications, landing pages…), supported by unique creatives. You get the complete package, helping you to achieve your business goals through our world-class digital marketing solutions. 

So you get it – we love what we do and we’re great at it. Now down to business. Earlier this month, we got in touch with Top Design Firms, a new B2B website to arrange a killer partnership. Big news – we are officially teaming up with them for their inaugural launch this 2021!

You might not know about Top Design Firms yet, but you soon will. Top Design Firms is brought to the B2B sector by the brilliant creators of Clutch, an already established review and rating site. But what is Top Design Firms? Well, browsers can find company directories, survey reports, and blog-style content that focuses on the development, design, and marketing spaces. Sounds cool, right? 

It gets better. According to Top Design Firms’ 2021 research findings, Favoured is among the 100 highest-ranking mobile marketing companies this year! Our projects and case studies were evaluated by the platform and they determined that we are deserving of the spot. We are so excited about this big news as it helps us show off our effectiveness and prove we are awesome at what we do (ie. you don’t need to just take our word for it).

Now for the how. We were able to rank so highly as Top Design Firms took into account several variables including client reviews, social media presence, and market position. Our clients’ fantastic feedback (honestly read it, it’s great) on Clutch skyrockets Favoured above and beyond other businesses. Take a peek at what they say here:

“It’s a very personal experience. They understand my needs and they get really involved in the business. For them, it’s not just about making money, it’s about ensuring that our business is successful too. They’ll do whatever it takes to help their clients.”

— Founder, Work and Communications Ltd.

“Favoured’s knowledge of the industry and the fact that they have different talents on the team that can address any type of need you have are the most impressive things. We are in a business where sometimes we need to be reactive and manage an opportunity, and they have always been there.”

— Co-Founder & CTO, Save Your Wardrobe

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