Favoured Wins Top B2B Marketing Award

Favoured is a results-driven marketing agency looking to deliver the best performance for our clients. We specialise in app, eCommerce & B2B marketing, as well as digital strategy for small businesses. We work across a range of industries, giving us a wide array of experiences and skills, which help us adapt to each and every […]

Gen Z: If you don’t know, get to know.

Gen Z. The generation of consumers born in the mid-1990s is coming of age, and marketers need to pay close attention.

What can you take away from the Android rebranding?

The update and rebranding of Android was dictated by the primary goals of creating a more premium brand image and ensuring accessibility is more prominent.

Can guerilla marketing work with a small budget?

Guerilla marketing is not just for big budget brands, SMEs, startups and local businesses can also make use of these tactics to amplify brand awareness.

What does online activism mean for your brand image?

It’s important for brands to understand their position within social activism, what they believe in and how this affects and shapes brand image.