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Our digital marketing services are data-driven and tailored to your business to ensure we are always one step ahead.


Taking key learnings from insights and data, we build multi-channel marketing campaigns which align seamlessly with your business and boost your visibility across the online world.


We utilise your data, conduct extensive analysis and audit the heck out of it to create unique strategies which will propel your brand to the forefront of your customers minds.


Without the groundwork, how will we ever know how to solve the problem? We deep dive into your analytics and pull insights to ensure our approach is considered and aligned.

Our work

Our Work Speaks For Itself

A transparent approach to proven results. Find out how we've helped our clients grow online.

Our Clients

We're proud to have helped our clients reach millions of customers around the globe

Why work with Favoured

your goals are our goals

We go for quality over quantity, and quality results are delivered by only the best people. Let’s work towards your goal and then exceed it. We’ll do the heavy lifting and get your brand to where it needs to be.
  • Daily optimisation of campaigns, because they don't look after themselves.
  • Real-time reporting so you see the data just as we do.
  • Daily comms via Slack or Whatsapp, because we hate waiting.
  • Monthly strategy sessions to make sure you stay ahead of the competition.
  • Tailored packages that you can change whenever you want.

“Favoured provided a bespoke and ready-to-roll, multi-channel marketing capability – including creative – allowing us to get to market quicker than we otherwise could have. Ongoing optimisation and support was implicit and continued after the launch phase and as we brought everything in-house.”

Tim Hughes CEO

“Favoured did an amazing job setting up our digital advertising, email marketing campaigns and influencer marketing helping us grow our customer base exponentially.”

Emilie Vanpoperinghe Co-Founder

"Favoured were pivotal in our user acquisition campaigns. Not only did they execute campaigns and deliver our best results to date, but they also helped us implement very advanced mobile technology and grow very quickly, which has ultimately impressed investors and stakeholders."

Adam Beveridge Founder

“Favoured have helped us implement a performance marketing strategy that has seen our ROI, ROAS & sales increase. They are quick to adapt and implement new tactics that align with the other goals in our business.”

Paul Johnson CMO

“Favoured implemented a performance marketing strategy to help deliver over 10k+ downloads, decreasing the cost per install by over 48% and at scale. George was pivotal in the process and highly recommended. We now know the exact formula to scale our app install campaigns even further!”

Dan Bedi Co-Founder

"They have taken ownership of our campaigns, which shows the level of trust we have placed in them."

Thorfinn Armstrong Co-Founder

"The team at Favoured delivers beautiful material that amplifies our ideas."

Aniello de Santi International Development Executive

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