Eco-Wins and Sales Success; Driving awareness to improve roas

Client: Elephant Box

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • 44% increase in Shopify sales since October (60% year on year)
  • 3.58 ROAS lifetime
  • Increased sales on Washing Up Bowl by 126% (hero product)


Elephant Box is a forward-thinking company that offers a sustainable solution to the problem of plastic overuse. Their mission is to provide durable, reusable products that are not only useful and beautiful but are built to last a lifetime. Their initial product, the Elephant Box, was created in 2015 with crowdfunding support, marking the beginning of their journey to replace single-use packaging with high-quality stainless steel containers.


Elephant Box had a two-fold challenge. Firstly, they needed to spread awareness about the growing issue of plastic overconsumption and its harmful effects on the planet. Secondly, they needed to drive sales of their products, demonstrating that their solutions were not only eco-friendly but also more durable and cost-effective than traditional plastic containers.

Strategic Approach

To address these challenges, Favoured adopted a multifaceted approach:

Increased Visibility: Utilising digital marketing strategies, Favoured increased Elephant Box’s online presence, driving awareness and sales.

ROAS Optimisation: To ensure maximum return on advertising spend, Favoured fine-tuned the marketing efforts, balancing spend and revenue increase.

Targeted Promotions: Favoured helped highlight Elephant Box’s hero product, the Washing Up Bowl, leading to a substantial sales increase.

Performance Highlights

increase in Shopify sales since October
0 %
Lifetime ROAS achieved
increase in sales of Washing Up Bowl
0 %

Exceptional ROAS: With Favoured’s multi-channel strategic approach, Elephant Box’s sales leapt significantlyThe lifetime ROAS stood at a remarkable 3.58, showcasing the efficiency of the advertising efforts.

Hero Product Sales Boom: Favoured’s spotlight on Elephant Box’s hero product, the Washing Up Bowl, led to a substantial sales increase. The result was a 126% sales surge, a testament to the power of targeted promotions.


The partnership between Elephant Box and Favoured has proved to be highly successful. By focusing on the dual objectives of spreading awareness about plastic overuse and driving sales of reusable, durable products, Favoured has helped Elephant Box make a significant impact on reducing plastic waste. The substantial increase in sales and the impressive ROAS figures demonstrate this success, showcasing the power of a dedicated, strategic approach in driving both social change and business success. With Elephant Box, customers are choosing to reuse and reduce waste, joining the movement to ditch plastic, one lunchbox at a time.

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