Amplifying PÄRLA's Success: A Remarkable Increase in Year-Over-Year Sales"

Client: PÄRLA

Regions: Global Market

Key Achievements:

  • Achieved a 9.3x increase in YOY sales
  • Established a sustainable ROAS of over 2
  • Successfully launched Amazon store, selling thousands of units


Embarking on a mission to redefine oral care for the next generation, PÄRLA created revolutionary toothpaste tablets – an eco-friendly alternative to traditional toothpaste. By harnessing the latest science and technology, PÄRLA aimed to set a new standard in sustainability and wellness. 


PÄRLA, despite numerous advertising tests and mid-funnel campaigns, was facing stagnation. Significant growth or movement in sales was not being achieved, necessitating the need for a strategic overhaul in their marketing approach.

Strategic Approach

We stepped in to overhaul PÄRLA’s marketing strategy, focusing on top-of-funnel advertising, influencer collaborations, mid-funnel communications, and advertising creative optimisation.

Top-of-Funnel Advertising and Influencer Collaborations: We focused on revitalising top-of-funnel advertising and strengthening influencer collaborations to broaden customer reach and engagement.

Mid-Funnel Communications: We completely redesigned mid-funnel communications, ensuring they were effective in guiding potential customers through the conversion funnel.

Continuous Testing and Creative Optimisation: We implemented continuous testing and creation of new advertising creatives to scale the campaigns effectively.

Performance Highlights

increase in YOY sales
0 x
sustainable roas achieved
0 +

Thousands of units sold on amazon after a successful launch

Full-Funnel Revitalisation: The comprehensive strategy led to a remarkable 9.3x increase in year-over-year sales. This significant increase underscores the effectiveness of our revitalised top-of-funnel advertising, influencer collaborations, and redesigned mid-funnel communications in driving sales growth.

Cost-Effective Advertising: We established a sustainable ROAS of over 2, showcasing the cost-effectiveness of our advertising strategy in generating profitable returns.


Our comprehensive strategy effectively addressed  PÄRLA’s challenges, resulting in a significant increase in sales, a sustainable ROAS, and a successful Amazon store launch. These achievements highlight the effectiveness of revitalising advertising, strengthening influencer collaborations, redesigning mid-funnel communications, and optimising advertising creatives in driving substantial sales growth and enhancing overall profitability.

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