How to define your brand’s tone of voice

Tone of voice, simply put, is how your brand communicates with your audience. Sounds easy right? Noooope! There are lots of things to consider when crafting your tone of voice, from the audience and messaging to the product itself.

Will AI-generated content wreck the internet?

This is not a blog about how AI is gunning for your job, but instead, how it could absolutely result in a large influx of spam content online – even more so than there is now if you can believe it. Artificial intelligence technology may have some fantastic uses but it could also give way to the mass production of fake news and spam.

How can long-form content optimise your sales conversions?

You could be forgiven for thinking that long-form is less favoured in 2019, what with audiences demonstrating lower attention spans and video taking over as the preferred method of media consumption. But, in fact, long-form has become more popular for driving sales conversions and business leads.

Why your copywriting efforts still matter in 2019

With the rise in popularity of video, you might find yourself thinking that copywriting may eventually become obsolete. However, in 2019, that’s definitely not the case, with copy forming the basis of excellent user experience, search engine optimisation and voice search, you can’t afford to drop the ball now when it comes to creating bespoke copy.

Do brands still embrace print advertising like they used to?

Whether it’s the increasing awareness of sustainability or the fact that it can be less measurable than many digital advertising approaches, print advertising definitely has seen better days.

Do you know how SEO can improve brand visibility?

Whether you’re familiar with SEO or it’s a bit of an alien subject to you, brand visibility should be one of your core objectives, whether you’re a startup, fresh in your niche or a well-estblished brand.


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