Why your copywriting efforts still matter in 2019

Why your copywriting efforts still matter in 2019_5ee33db60ef48.jpeg

With the rise in popularity of video, you might find yourself thinking that copywriting may eventually become obsolete. However, in 2019, that’s definitely not the case, with copy forming the basis of excellent user experience, search engine optimisation and voice search, you can’t afford to drop the ball now when it comes to creating bespoke copy.

Messenger Marketing

When it comes to creating an experience which is unique to a specific customer or group of customers, copy is vital to enhancing this experience. With a rise in the use of messenger marketing, many markers feel that this will overtake the use of email marketing, in particular, thanks to more intense restrictions last year in the form of GDPR.

With higher open rates, click through rates, reply rates and conversion rates, its no wonder that brands are favouring messenger to communicate with their customers. This means that brands will need to craft great messages to be used in their direct comms to ensure they can insight emotion, trigger a sense of emergency and enhance everything their brand represents to build credibility.

When writing for messenger applications, you need to be concise and to the point. Your brand tone of voice should be present from the get-go and you should only give whoever you’re speaking to the essential information, being careful not to bombard them with too much text.

You should initially approach the user using a short introductory message, which can be still easily read without scrolling on mobile, even when the keyboard is displayed on the screen. Resist the urge to send through your whole sales pitch and instead wait for the user to interact and confirm that you can supply them with further information, in manageable chunks, or alternatively link them out to a blog or video.

Social media

Of course, social media has been a growing trend for years now, so it’s not exactly an ‘emerging trend’ but its something that pretty much every business needs to consider now, where previously it was typically reserved for those who could be bothered to be creative in their comms.

Now, social media is used to not only inform customers but also build brand trust, attract and source new internal talent and directly communicate with customers. It can be used for customer service activities as well as expanding the existing customer base by using content differently on different platforms.

Your next social media strategy should look at the channels you do and don’t use and look at opportunities now yet utilised. This then requires a bespoke approach to content, with the likes of Instagram typically adopted by younger users whereas more mature users are often drawn to the likes of Facebook.

Voice search

Voice search is a rising technology that improves the accessibility of search, offers hands-free querying and highly relevant results. Unintelligible voice search has been replaced by a smart approach which utilises the best information on the internet to give you the answers you need.

What this means is when you’re creating copy for your website, you should consider the parameters which restrict voice search. Context and key phrase use are of particular interest when it comes to creating voice search friendly content.

FAQ formats are a great place to start if you’re just getting started with voice search. By identifying keyword patterns in customer enquiries, you can gain a good understanding of the information people regularly search for and utilise these patterns to frame your question and answer content.

Moreover, voice search is all about answering a question, so drop the salesy marketing messages and jargon and be sure to offer succinct and straight to the point answers without the fluff.

Featured snippets

That coveted snippet position is no easy feat, but getting there is worth the slog – trust us. It may seem like a bit of a mystery on how to get there but really it’s most persistence and good quality content.

Begin by identifying the keywords you already rank highly for, we’re talking front page ranking, and undeifying those without a snipper already in existence. You then need to create a snipper which will be a block of text between 40 – 60 words, which is tailored to target that specific question or query.

The text should be created to answer a specific query and deliver factually-backed information, which all interlinks with your keyword and closely related keywords. There are also other considerations such as including tablets or bulleted lists which give more information as these appear to be favoured by Google and are clear for users.

Long-form content

People still read. Did you know that? Yes, honestly they do – and long-form content is still extremely popular when users are looking for more information than a two-word answer. When we create documents which are typically longer than around 1200 words, we’re much more likely to fully answer a query.

Many sites only give a small amount of information which might answer part or most of a query but not all of it. That’s often because it can’t be answered in just 300 or even 500 words. So if you’ve got the resources to engineer quality long-form content to meet users needs, you’ve got a better chance of performing in the SERP’s alongside build that user trust.

This approach can lead to lead generation, by building trust between yourself and a user, once you’ve sufficiently answered a query, they may be more likely to look to you to do so in the future. Use this opportunity to really get to the core of what search you’re trying to answer and make sure you include all angles and areas of the topic, to ensure you’re not doing half a job.

Copywriting services

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