Will AI-generated content wreck the internet?

This is not a blog about how AI is gunning for your job, but instead, how it could absolutely result in a large influx of spam content online – even more so than there is now if you can believe it. Artificial intelligence technology may have some fantastic uses but it could also give way to the mass production of fake news and spam.

Improving online experiences through accessibility

Most of us take for granted the ease of use when it comes to browsing the web. For many of us, we don’t have to make amendments to the way we find information and navigate websites, but for the 1billion+ people worldwide living with some form of disability, access to information isn’t always so straight forward.

How Elvie is quickly becoming ‘the Apple of women’s health’

Elvie are femtech pioneers who have created an award-winning Kegel trainer for women and the worlds first silent breast pump. Their breakthrough technology has meant that this startup has gone from strength to strength in recent years, securing over $42million worth of investment during their series B financing. Based in London, the femtech brand has created products which have already changed the lives of thousands of women worldwide.

Money for Millennials – how is fintech evolving to meet the needs of this generation

Take a look on any social media or general interest site and you’ll find posts written by millennials complaining about the lack of education on how to manage finances, how to understand why and what insurance you need and how to apply for mortgages. It’s something that we’re never officially educated about, but it’s a pretty essential staple of life.

AI and retail – from e-commerce to in-store, how can AI optimise your customer experience?

Although AI, in some form or another, has been around for over half a century, recent strides in the field which can be used to dramatically enhance customer experiences. AI can demonstrate a range of behaviours which are closely aligned with human intelligence, including planning, learning, problem-solving, compromising, perception and manipulation. It also is able to, to a certain extent, displays social awareness, creativity and empathy.

AR and VR? What’s the difference and why should you care?

More and more brands are now taking advantage of AR and VR, but for some, the leap in technology is still somewhat of a novelty and more than slightly confusing.

How can you optimise your mobile app startup marketing capabilities through tech stacks?

In order to ensure you can scale your mobile app and be able to effectively present data to investors, you should be looking to build a mobile app tech stack. This allows you to better understand your user’s behaviours and to further develop your capabilities and grow.


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