How Elvie is quickly becoming ‘the Apple of women’s health’

How Elvie is quickly becoming ‘the Apple of women’s health’_5ee33cf86f8c7.jpeg

Who are Elvie?

Elvie are femtech pioneers who have created an award-winning Kegel trainer for women and the worlds first silent breast pump. Their breakthrough technology has meant that this startup has gone from strength to strength in recent years, securing over $42million worth of investment during their series B financing. Based in London, the femtech brand has created products which have already changed the lives of thousands of women worldwide.

What did we do for Elvie?

Following a successful launch and significant attention in the press thanks to their PR efforts, Elvie noticed that their direct sales on their site were beginning to decline. Their advertising was not providing sufficient ROI and as one of the key sales channels, this was quickly flagged as an issue which needed to be addressed.

We worked closely with Elvie to build a bespoke multi-channel performance marketing strategy which was designed to test and identify the most effective themes, creative assets, copy, audience targetting and channels.

After weeks of gathering data on the best performing elements, we were able to determine a formula which could be scaled and applied to Elvie to maximise their sales whilst maintaining significant ROI.

So, now we had an improved way to find and attract users, we needed to increase the conversion rate of the website. We worked closely with Elvie’s internal team to optimise their website and landing pages to reduce their spend on advertising and improve the chance of customers completing a purchase.

We delivered fresh, new creatives which offered the femtech brand an edge and decreased CPA’s simultaneously. Then all we had to do was scale up our approach to boost conversions and subsequently sales. The results were a 900% increase in sales within 3 months, from an average of 50 sales per month to 500.

What’s next for Elvie?

After successfully infiltrating the community of venture capitalists, Elvie has recently announced their third private funding to the tune of $42million, with their series B financing led by IPGL and the largest known investment in femtech to date. The financial injection aims to support the release of four new women’s health products to further bolster the already highly popular breast pump and Kegel trainer.

Not only has Elvie secured almost $50million worth of funding, but their bold approach to inspiring open discussions around women’s health have also disrupted the industry spotlighting pelvic floor health and public breastfeeding in their recent campaigns.

During London Fashion Week in 2018, Elvie orchestrated the first breastfeeding model, with Valeria Garcia stomping the runway whilst wearing a breast pump.

Valeria Garcia Breast Pump LFW

On Mothers Day 2019, Elvie launched #FreeTheFeed, which aimed to fight against the stigma women face when breastfeeding and pumping public. The startup erected five giant inflatable breasts around the London skyline, on Mothers Day, of which co-founder and CEO Tania Bolder said “We know the giant boobs will raise a few eyebrows, but we want to make sure no one overlooks the way that this stigma has been used to repress women, when you create a new category, you have to educate the market and you have to change the conversation.”

The brand is breaking free of the British Isles with sights set on Asia, but first, they aim to address the demand in the USA. With the breast pumps launching into the region earlier this year and selling out in eight minutes, the brand has at least 35,000 women on the waitlist.

Elvie’s long term goals involve developing products which aim to support women at every stage in life. This includes identifying opportunities to build solutions to better manage periods, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and everything else in between and truly become the go-to brand for women’s health technology.

Elvie Breast Pump


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