Blazing Trails in the App World: A Comprehensive, Creative and Slightly Cheeky Startup Marketing Checklist

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Ready to launch your app startup? Explore this comprehensive marketing checklist, filled with insights on branding, content marketing, social media, email marketing, search marketing, design, video marketing, performance marketing, and more. Crafted by Favoured, the UK’s top advertising agency, it’s everything you need to shine in the app world. Join us on this thrilling journey to success! 🚀

How your branding can boost marketing capabilities

Your brand is everything. Trends are constantly shifting and evolving, which means you can risk getting left behind. Many owners tend to stick with the same brand since it feels comfortable, and they may have enjoyed reasonable success. But, nothing lasts forever. Keeping your brand fresh should always be a priority for your business. 

What does your content say about your brand?

The way that you portray your brand is not only conveyed through your website layout, your logo or the style of the illustrations of images on your site. Your content construction can say a whole lot about you and if the copy on your blog or information pages doesn’t align with your brand ethos or objectives, it can be confusing for potential customers.

How can fake news wreck your brand?

You might have seen the phrase online and spurting out of a certain Presidents mouth once or twice over the past few years. Yes, we’re talking about ‘fake news’. The term applied to ‘news’ which is junk or pseudo-news. 

Why brands need to get clued up on gender

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that gender equality, diversity, evolving traditional gender expectations and gender as a whole, is an exceptionally hot issue.

Harnessing the power of brand image

Brand image is how your audience perceives your company. Although you can influence this through various activities and positioning, you cannot control this. Ultimately, brand image is a customer’s feelings towards your brand.

What makes a great brand?

Great brands are not always the biggest or successful or even the most profitable. A great brand is often a combination of several elements, including; how it makes consumers feel, it’s values, mission and vision, trust associated with it, what it inspires in people, how aligned it is with society, how it communicates with the world, it’s position in the market in comparison to competitors, uniqueness and consistency.

What’s in a name?

You might have noticed something a little different about us. No, we didn’t change our hair, but we did have a little rebrand. We thought this was a great opportunity to offer an insight into the best way to choose your brands name and what kind of research and thought process should go into a rebrand or initial brand development.

How has RuPaul’s Drag Race succeeded in social media world domination

If someone would have told me ten years ago that RuPaul’s Drag Race was set to take over social media, I probably would have questioned it. Although the show is sensational and we are living for the mainstream exposure of drag culture to the wider world, who would have thought that it would become one of the biggest shows on television?

Stop being another face in the crowd – How to use social media to build brand presence

Big brands make it looks so easy, don’t they? Seamlessly conversing with their followers and posting out useful or entertaining information every day, it can feel a bit of an uphill struggle to compete with the big brands on social media. But don’t give up quite yet, there are still so many ways to build your brand presence using social media channels to make a serious impact on awareness.


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