Why reviews are important and how to rack them up

Reviews are one of the best ways to build reputation, trust and gain a true understanding of how customers perceive your brand. Not only do reviews offer an insight into your brand from a customer perspective, but they can also boost your SEO capability and improve your chances of succeeding in an online marketplace.

What’s in a name?

You might have noticed something a little different about us. No, we didn’t change our hair, but we did have a little rebrand. We thought this was a great opportunity to offer an insight into the best way to choose your brands name and what kind of research and thought process should go into a rebrand or initial brand development.

How a website can make or break your brand and customer loyalty

It should be a given in 2019 that your brand has a web presence. Regardless of your industry or the field of expertise, a website, in its simplest form, can help your current and potential customers find your business.


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