What is microinfluencer marketing?

Microinfluencers are recognised as delivering higher levels of engagement than their more popular peers, prove to be more cost effective and have the capability to drive social buzz. They typically see a 60% higher engagement rate than celebrities and big-name influencers, whilst remaining highly affordable for both big and small brands, at around 6.7x more cost-efficient, per engagement.

Microinfluencers are often very invested in their own personal passions and are trusted more closely than celebrities who plug products on their own feeds. Followers trust them to make reliable recommendations and therefore it can be more effective for brands to work with influencers who have fewer followers.

Why does my business need micro influencer marketing?

Above all else, micro-influencers are trusted more than their million-follower peers. One of the best approaches to working with micro influencers is seeking out those who are already engaged with the product or brand to ensure that the association is genuine. This moves them from fans to brand advocates.

They have the capability to really resonate with their followers by telling a story around your product. This is more likely to see higher engagement rates through this approach, than product placement photos, as it reduces the necessity for people to conduct research into the brand further after seeing the post.

Finally, micro influencer marketing can form an ongoing element of your marketing mix. Working within them in an ongoing capacity can build a stronger relationship and ensures that your target audience is regularly exposed to your brand.


What's included in this service?

Influencer relationship management

Managing an ongoing relationship can be time-consuming, but can be extremely valuable when building trust and advocacy for your brand. We’ll maintain a strong relationship with all of your micro influencers partners ongoing ensure a mutually beneficial and positive experience for both parties.


Leave it to use to find and create the best hashtags to use alongside your product and brand, to boost your social searchability.

Local influencers

If your service or product serves specific areas, we’ll build a list of micro-influencers who can facilitate and boost your local visibility through effective promotion.

Asset creation

To ensure continuity and brand alignment, we’ll create asset packages and guides to ensure that all content developed by third-parties is aligned with your brand vision and any logos, hashtags or additional elements are used appropriately.

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