Why are Facebook ads right for your business?

Why are Facebook ads right for your business?_5ee33d72087a1.jpeg

With more than 2.32 billion active monthly users, Facebook offers a prime platform for businesses to create bespoke ads and ensure they reach the right people at the right time. The capability to tailor your ad preferences to particular people offers you the opportunity to make your business visible to users in a place where they already hang-out online.

What makes Facebook ads special?

Around 1.15billion mobile users access Facebook daily, with this number only rising year on year. Beyond being a habit, people use Facebook for a wide range of reasons, from communicating with distant friends and relatives, tracking events, reading the news, support their favourite causes and a whole bunch of other reasons, meaning they’re dwelling on their feeds for long periods of time.


Advertising to people in a place where they already spend a lot of their time makes perfect sense, teamed with the most targeted form of advertising, you can really hone in on your buyers, and potential customers, and find the most effective way to engage with them.

Moreover, Facebook ads are quick to implement, turning over speedy results and increasing brand awareness amongst thousands in short amounts of time, all for a fairly low cost, particularly when compared to traditional media. This means that you don’t need a big budget to boost your companies visibility, offering startups and small business owners a level playing field with bigger brands.

An all-rounder

As an ideal platform to build brand awareness, you can use Facebook ads to increase the number of people who know what you have to offer them, which can lead to an increased likeliness to purchase from you.

You can also boost your web traffic through tailored facebook ads, by running click campaigns which take the user through to your site or a specific landing page. This cost-effective route can offer your business the capability to precisely target the right people and get them to your site for a fraction of the cost of other sources.

Although not particularly easy to increase sales through Facebook ads, it is possible. The capability to increase leads, sales and revenue using Facebook ads is achievable but often requires a paid social media specialist to manage the account effectively, ensure that you don’t waste money and ensure that your cost per conversion is worth the final amount generate.

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Remove the guesswork with measurable results, as when using Facebook ads, you have access to a wealth of data and numbers which will clearly demonstrate your results. The management system allows you to easily see how many impressions, clicks and conversions you have received, although you need to ensure you have conversion pixels installed on your site to track these.


If you want your customers, or would-be-customers, to see your brand a lot, to get it really stuck in their mind, Facebook ads can support in achieving this. Implementing Facebook ads allows you to increase the number of touch points that your audience has with your brand, and with higher interactions, the more likely they are to convert to a customer later down the line. It also allows you to lower your cost per acquisition due to the affordability of the service if set up and managed effectively.


You can also use Facebook ads to encourage visitors to come back to your site, after visiting initially. Through remarketing you can remind your visitor, who didn’t purchase or make an enquiry, to reengage with your business. It could be through an offer or a reminder of the products they viewed, appearing in their Facebook feed, but it should encourage them to want to go back and complete a purchase or get in touch. Equally, Facebook ads are great for driving repeat business from previous customers.

If you’re looking to increase engagement on the Facebook platform, using ads can boost the number of likes, comments and further interactions your brand page receives. It helps to build stronger connections, boost your perceived trust and increase the customer’s associated value of the company. It also increases the likelihood of conversion if your customers are connected to you on social media and means that if your followers like or share one of your posts, their connections will see it too, boosting your ability to spread via digital ‘word-of-mouth’.

Running Facebook ads

It’s not always straightforward getting to grips with Facebook ads, but there are a wealth of training materials available from Facebook Blueprint, to help you get started. You can use this online training academy to expand your digital marketing advertising knowledge and learn more about advertising through the social media platform.

If you’re still struggling to set-up, optimise and enhance your Facebook ads for optimum efficiency, then it can be more effective to recruit an external social media specialist. For more information on our paid social media advertising services, get in touch today.

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