TikTok trends to GO VIRAL in November

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Did you know that the average person spends 90+ Minutes on TikTok? Yep… that’s the length of a movie! TikTok recently shared these stats and many other key insights as to how the average UK user scrolls through the app. Data suggests TikTok will surpass 1.8 billion active users (they reached 1 billion active users in the third quarter of 2021!). With more and more people favouring TikTok, brands have turned to TikTok as a platform to remain relevant.

Posting regular content almost daily is the best way to grow your account and audience on TikTok. So, leveraging trends and songs to help boost your persona is a must! Why not make a calendar of all the key dates you have coming up? Remember to use discounts as an incentive too.

Sounds help drive performance, especially trending ones. Recently we saw songs such as ‘The Loneliest Time’ by Carlie Rae Jepsen or ‘Keeping Your Head Up’ (Jonas Blue Remix) taking over the ‘FYP’ page. Below are some examples of trending songs/sounds that are circulating TikTok as of now! Check them out and see where you can add them to your account!


A win really is a win, lip sync this sound and add text based on your win. Whether that’s making 100 sales, or scoring that 10/10 on a night out. A win is a win.

  1. Just wanna rock (Lil Uzi Vert) – sped-up version

Warning, this song goes hard. Use this sound to showcase you. More for those who wanna make a thirst trap video or ultimately just flex something cool in their life. 

  1. Remember – Acoustic / Sped Up

Grab your gang and get your iPhone torches out. Have one friend be the main singer and the rest of your besties be the backup singers!

  1. Fighting sound effect

This one is really easy to follow, just throw punches! This sound is getting a ton of traction. Even Ant & Dec jumped on this one. Check it out!

  1. “I’m putting on a best show”

You’re putting on your best show… but for what? Lip sync the sound and add text on top talking about a scenario you’re currently in!

  1. “You dumb ***** I’m gonna F U UP!”

Taken from the hit HBO show known as Euphoria! TikTok users are taking this remix song and replicating the dance. After every arm movement new people jump into the shot. You can see this from the examples below!

Other than leveraging trending sounds and making funny TikToks something else to take into account is the usage of pictures in TikTok. This has become more mainstream as users can now upload a carousel of pictures followed by their song of choice as an overlay. You can add up to 115 pictures and users can scroll freely through all the displayed images.

Carousels are good to use for many things. They’ve been used for meme compilations, photo dumps and telling a story. This is something you can compile in TikTok by selecting the create video option at the bottom middle, from there select photos from your camera roll and get going!

The TikTok landscape is changing drastically each week. With new trends, UGC ideas, and styles of video and songs, you need a marketing team who specializes in curating the finest TikTok organic/UGC material on the platform. Get in touch today, and let’s have a chat!

See you on the fyp!


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