How to Make Your Facebook Ads *Actually* Good

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We get it, you’re busy. You’ve got a product to sell, and you know you need to be on Facebook to reach your customers. But unless you’re a graphic designer or have an unlimited budget for paid ads, putting together successful Facebook ads can feel like a daunting task.

Never fear! We’re here to help with some tips on how to make high-converting Facebook ads using nothing but graphic design and user-generated content (UGC).

Let’s do it! Give me the juice…

Let’s face it, people are bombarded with more advertising than ever before. In order to cut through the noise, your ad needs to be really good—like, really good. And while that might seem like a tall order, we promise it’s not as hard as it seems. With a little bit of effort (and these tips), you can put together Facebook ads that will actually get results.

Use UGC in Your Ad

User-generated content is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal, and for good reason—it works. People are far more likely to trust their peers over brands, which is why featuring UGC in your ad is a great way to increase conversion rates.

When selecting UGC to feature in your ad, look for content that is high quality, on brand, and speaks to your target audience. Once you’ve found the perfect piece of content, make sure to get the permission of the person who created it before using it in your ad—no one likes having their content used without permission!

Another great way to increase trust (and conversions!) is by featuring reviews from happy customers in your ad copy. If you don’t have any existing reviews, consider running a contest or promotion encouraging customers to leave reviews for a chance to win a prize. Reviews are essential social proof that your product or service is worth checking out.

Use Graphic Design Elements

Great graphic design can take your ad from meh to magnificent. A well-designed ad will grab attention, communicate your message clearly, and leave a lasting impression—all things that are integral to increasing conversion rates.

  • There are a few key elements you’ll want to keep in mind when designing your ad:
  • Choose colors that compliment each other and are on brand
  • Incorporate visual interest with shapes, patterns, and texture
  • Use typography to create hierarchy and emphasize important information
  • Keep it simple—less is always more when it comes to design

If designing isn’t your thing, no worries! There are plenty of tools out there that make designing ads easy peasy, even if you’re not a pro. Canva and Adobe Spark are two of our favorites here at Favoured.


Creating high converting Facebook ads doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive—all you need is some well-executed UGC and graphic design elements. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to putting together ads that actually convert!


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