How to go TikTok viral in March 2023

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March means only one thing. Spring! and what better way to spread the joy than through making a TikTok? TikTok’s ever-growing popularity has made it one of the most influential social media platforms, and it’s crucial to leverage its potential during throughout the course of the year!

“TikTok makes me fall in love with strangers and Instagram makes me hate everyone I know” – Random TikTok user

With each month there’s always a trend that TikTok does a great job of voicing in a way to get people involved. Even with the Super Bowl last month! TikTok user’s FYPs are flooded with moments from the event that took place in Arizona, from the halftime ads to Rihanna’s insane performance. Whenever there is a large event taking place like the Super Bowl the meme patrol are always eyeing out moments that are worth ‘meme-ifying’. For social media lovers it’s almost like some inside joke that people will only understand if they’re on the platform.

This is why brands are still trying to figure out how they can crack Gen Z. The questions brands should ask themselves prior to launching some type of online presence/campaign is:

  • Who are we aiming to target?
  • How can we make authentic content that is native to social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram?
  • What trends can we implement into our video content to show that “we get it” and fit in?

One example of a well-executed social ad from the well-known fast food chain, McDonalds popped up on my Snapchat ads. And what worked so well with these types of ads was the language used in the ad.

  1. They’re using native text for social media platforms. This indicates a feeling of ‘fitting in’ with other pieces of content on social media.
  2. The tone in their language is easygoing and uses Gen Z Terms such as “rn” (right now) “u” (you) 
  3. It’s simple….but effective. The average scroller won’t see that as an ad they’ll see that as just another video reminding them about McDonalds.

With that said, trending sounds are always fun to do with friends or if you’re a brand! So here are some trending sounds that are worth using right now! Remember! To use trending sounds in organic videos you have to make sure your TikTok account is on a ‘personal account’ this way, you can use any sounds you like! So make sure you nail down what route you’d like to take when it comes to planning your TikTok strategy!

  1. She a baddie she know she a 10 (remix version)

Go hot girls go. This sound is taking over by storm right now. Use this sound with your friends, show off your outfit, GRWM, Come out with me, fit check, late night Mcdonald’s run, you got this. 

  1. Like he just always in his own world, he really quiet fr

An audio bit from an interview with rapper, 21 Savage about Migos has blown up on TikTok. People are using this sound to pick out random background characters in shows or celebrities being lonely in public. It’s more for humour, check out the examples below to try wrap your head around this trend.

  1. Pass… Pass… Pass… Smash.

Simple trend! Lip sync the sound and have suggestions typed on screen on things you’d pass on. Then when it gets to smash. That’s something you wanna do. Movies? (pass) Eat out? (Pass) Night in? (Pass) Gym? (Smash!)

  1. And when I arrive, I am gonna Kill Bill! (SZA remix)

The hit song Kill Bill is literally all over TikTok and this remix version is the most popular. People are using it as a transition for a before and after! Check out these awesome transitions!

  1. In Ha Mood – Ice Spice

This sound has taken over TikTok over the last week. The crazy part is it’s a dance that’s based on some dogs from Babie. Literally. People are either recreating the dance or using the clip from Barbie and replacing the background to make a joke. Check out the examples below!

To conclude, look at the metrics/tools that popular creators replicate and copy that  style of video into your ads. The more authentic it looks to the average social media consumer, the longer they’ll hang around to watch the ad before even realizing that it is an ad. Good luck! See you on the fyp!


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