TikTok trends to go VIRAL in October

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As of 2022, TikTok has been a whirlwind . We have it, your colleagues have it, your dad now has it and now even Hollywood is using it. Granted their TikTok marketing budget can afford to get Chris Pratt to say “tell me you love dinosaurs without telling me you love dinosaurs” – if you know, you know.  

With TikTok’s constant growth we have found the app to be ever evolving. Even if you feel like you’re too late to join the party or you’re trying to grow your brand using TikTok, we’re here to get you up to speed. 

Captions are key

The caption character limit on TikTok is a vital part to going viral and seeing growth on your TikTok account. TikTok used to have a 300 character limit on their captions that was including hashtags as well – not a lot to work with. Now it’s 2,200 characters. This is important for users to max out when it comes to writing captions in TikTok as the algorithm is starting to look up your keywords. 

Max out your videos caption with strong keywords such as:




Or if you wanna be niche specific…

‘Solo travelling’ 


‘Day in a life’ 

‘Eat with me’ 


…all these terms will get picked up by the TikTok algorithm just after you post – that’s the same for video text too. Add text wherever possible as it also creates a more engaging video!

Trending sounds

Gen Z  music taste is as dynamic as the FYP. We’re  always hearing new songs we can’t get enough of. From artists such as Lana Del Rey, Steve Lacy to Moby, we’re hearing some classic hits. Even back in the summer when Kate Bush re-entered the charts with ‘Running Up That Hill’ a song she released back in 1985. Here’s a list of some top trending songs and sounds you should be using on TikTok right now to go viral in October…

  1. Nostylist – Destroy Lonely

The TikTok community loves this sound  with over 240,000 videos already made already, it’s one you can’t miss. Copy the dance in the videos below and add text on screen about anything! “When your parents get divorced”, “me before sushi” or “my best friend slept with my ex” it’s TikTok okay – get used to the the randomness.

  1. Sweater Weather

Folks, we have another banger here. Learn the dance, grab your friends, find a carpark or a 7/11 and hit record. This sound feels like Old School TikTok where creators used to only dance. Pretty fun!

  1. Shoulder shrug

Transition time besties! Start the video before you’re ready and then show your glow up. You could do this for anything, ranging from getting ready for a party or showing when your business started to how it’s going now! Check out the examples!

  1. That was last week, let’s move on to Chapter 2

Lip sync this sound in regards to something that’s happened in the past and now you’re asking for redemption. Check out the examples below!

To conclude, 7-15 second video content is storming over social media as a whole. This could be because of Gen Z attention spans (this being 8 seconds) and the duration of the TikTok sound itself. That 7-15 second duration is the sweet spot for video content on TikTok as that is the platform’s main purpose. Your hooks and framing at the start of a video are important. Plus the duration is key and the vibe must be genuine. Break down the barriers and be confident. Millions of people use the app, it’s whatever you make of it and how you interact with your audience. See you on the FYP.

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