The Algorithm is Shifting… Again


If you’re anything like us, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about how Instagram’s algorithm is shifting. Every time you think you’ve got a handle on what’s going on, the powers that be go and change things up again. But here’s the thing: as much as we might complain about it, the algorithm is always going to change. That’s just the nature of the internet. What we can do, however, is stay on top of the latest changes and adapt our strategies accordingly. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how Instagram’s algorithm has shifted in recent months—and what that means for your business.

What’s Changed?

In the past year or so, Instagram has made a number of changes to its algorithm. Perhaps the most notable of these is the shift from a chronological feed to a more personalized one. This means that, instead of seeing posts from everyone you follow in the order in which they were posted, you now see posts based on what Instagram thinks you’ll care about the most. Of course, this isn’t always accurate—which can be frustrating—but it is designed to keep users engaged with the platform.

Another major change that Instagram has made is giving preference to posts with higher engagement rates. This means that if your post gets a lot of likes, comments, and shares, it’s more likely to appear at the top of your followers’ feeds than a post with low engagement rates. This change was implemented in an effort to combat fake engagement (i.e., buying likes and comments), but it also means that quality content is more important than ever if you want to reach your audience on Instagram.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

The good news is that, if you’re already producing quality content and focusing on engagement, then these changes shouldn’t have too much of an impact on your business. In fact, you might even see your reach and engagement rates increase as a result of these changes. However, if you’ve been relying on tactics like buying fake engagement or posting low-quality content, then these changes could have a negative effect on your business. In short, if your content isn’t authentic and engaging, then it’s time to make some changes.

Don’t lose faith

Instagram’s algorithm is always changing—and that’s not likely to stop anytime soon. However, by staying on top of the latest changes and adapting your strategies accordingly, you can ensure that your business remains successful on the platform. So don’t be discouraged by the algorithm—just be prepared for anything!

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