Kill it with your social videos; how to make content that WILL get noticed

Social videos

By George Gossland

Like a lot of people, I am obsessed with social media. Why? One reason is that it has taken the marketing industry by storm. You have the platform to reach not millions, but billions of people. With all that potential you have to get your content right. 

Over the past few years, videos have become the next big thing. It began with TikTok and has now spread to other platforms – Instagram, we see you swooping in with those Reels! It’s time to make you a social video pro with my handy tips…

First things first; plan

Even though creating social content may feel a little more free-spirited and less structured, like all marketing strategies, you need to have a plan in place. Plan the direction you want to go in, taking into consideration the platform, target demographic and messaging. Be clear with the route you are taking. 

However, ultimately making videos for social media requires serious creativity. If an idea comes to you, write it down – on the back of your hand, a scrap of paper, the notes app on your phone.

Although you might be planning content months in advance, stay on top of trends that may be ideal for you to jump on. Spontaneity – we like it, but we hate to break it to you, you still need to plan and outline your vision. Think camera angles, shot list, B-roll, content, script or talking points.

Be prepared but be adaptable – and get planning those videos.

But what content?

The most viral videos are the funny, quirky ones. Being funny on demand can be quite the challenge so just keep it simple and target a certain sense of humour. Remember, something you may not think is funny might resonate with other people. 

We’ve mentioned trends already, but if you’re taking on social media, you need to stay in the loop about what people care about right now. How? Well, the answer is in the palm of your hand… your phone. Check Twitter, the TikTok search bar and even what your friends are sending you. If you discover a recurring theme/trend, you have the opportunity to capitalise on that and make it your own. 

Remember that anything goes – after the movie ‘Spacejam: A New Legacy’ it’s now funny to rip a toy LeBron James’ head off and run home with it… 🤷 

Let’s talk TikTok

The TikTok algorithm is a mystery. I know that’s not what you want to hear, however, I do have some helpful information for you. But you aren’t going to like it. 

When you post a TikTok, it’s first shared with a very small number of people. If no one engages and shares, then TikTok stops sharing it. Bye-bye your attempt at a TikTok video. It gets worse – you only get a 30-minute window. If it fails, the video is suppressed by TikTok.

However, it’s not all bad news! This information directs us on what to prioritise when making a video. To begin with, you need to catch the eye of the audience at the very start to stop the scroll. It might be a frame or a sentence – whatever it is, get them hooked (Don’t waste precious seconds saying hello or introducing yourself – pleeeease). You could try an even crazier location than your office. Maybe take it to a VERY public scene! Top tip – confidence is key!

Be real

Addison Rae didn’t become popular by copying other people. Logan Paul didn’t fight Mayweather because his vlogs were like everyone else’s. These people had their own niche, their own craft. So what’s yours? You need to capture the personality of your brand through your content. Create a voice for your company and you will connect with more people. Simple.

Over to you

The world of social media videos is a strange one, but we’ve got you covered. Remember – stay relevant, stay funny and stay real. After that let your creativity roam free and create some SICK content.

However, we know there isn’t a handbook on social media. It changes so quickly that it can become overwhelming – but that’s where we come in. We have social media marketing experts and outstanding videographers that can bring your brand to life online. Reach out and find out more about how we can help you.

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