Steering Yoello to Success: Inbound Lead Surge and Product Launch Triumph

Client: Yoello

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • Increased inbound leads by 70%
  • Brought on 16 new large clients in first 6 months with us
  • Launched their new charity top-up product
  • Assisted in expansion from Cardiff only to UK wide
  • Optimised their website
  • Increased organic search by 30%
  • Increased direct traffic to website by 50%


Yoello, a fintech company based in Cardiff, aimed to enhance its market position by boosting inbound leads, expanding across the UK, successfully launching a charity product, and optimising its website’s performance.


Yoello’s primary challenges were enhancing inbound leads and expanding their services UK-wide. In addition, they needed to launch their new charity top-up product successfully and improve their website’s performance in order to strengthen their presence in the competitive fintech sector.

Strategic Approach

We developed a tailored marketing strategy that addressed Yoello’s challenges comprehensively.

Lead Generation and SEO Optimisation: Our approach included a focus on lead generation and SEO optimisation to enhance inbound leads and improve organic search traffic.

Product Launch and Expansion: We planned and executed the successful launch of Yoello’s charity top-up product. Simultaneously, we played a crucial role in Yoello’s expansion beyond Cardiff, targeting key markets across the UK.

Performance Highlights

increase in inbound leads
0 %
increase in organic search
0 %
increase in direct traffic to website
0 %

Tailored Approach: Within just the first 6 months, we helped Yoello acquire 16 new large clients, underscoring the effectiveness of our tailored marketing approach in expanding their clientele amidst a competitive sector.

Successful Product Launch: We also facilitated the successful launch of Yoello’s charity top-up product, marking a key milestone in their offerings and contributing to their brand reputation.


Our strategic approach effectively tackled Yoello’s challenges, leading to increased inbound leads, acquisition of new clients, successful product launch, and UK-wide expansion. These achievements highlight the effectiveness of a comprehensive marketing strategy in driving growth and strengthening the market position of a fintech company like Yoello.

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