Revamping Wessex Distillery's Marketing Strategy: Enhancing ROAS and Boosting Sales

Client: Wessex Distillery

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • Elevated the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) from 1 to 5
  • Achieved a substantial 40% increase in sales
  • Improved the Average Order Value (AV) from £30 to £48 on abandon cart flow 


Wessex Distillery, although armed with excellent products, was struggling to achieve profitability from their marketing efforts. They sought Favoured’s expertise to scale their advertising and improve their email list retention.


Wessex Distillery faced the challenge of boosting the profitability of their marketing efforts. Despite having quality products, their advertising was underperforming, and their email list retention needed enhancement. The distillery needed a holistic, efficient marketing strategy that would not only drive sales but also ensure customer retention and engagement.

Strategic Approach

We took on the challenge with a dynamic strategy, focusing on both high-quality and lo-fi video content to captivate audiences.

Creating Engaging Video Content: Recognising the power of visual content, we produced an array of both high-quality and lo-fi videos. This diversified content approach aimed at engaging and connecting with a wider audience profile.

Rigorous Test-and-Learn Approach: We coupled the content strategy with a rigorous test-and-learn approach across multiple channels. Regular introduction of fresh creative content kept audiences engaged and helped convert prospects more effectively.

Comprehensive Email Management and Automation: To bolster customer retention, we implemented comprehensive management of emails and automation. This saw the open rate increase to 55% and the Click-Through Rate (CTR) to 13%. A/B testing on communication subject lines with lower open rates and incentivising spends with gin tour tickets were also a part of this strategy.

Performance Highlights

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increase in sales
0 %
increase in abandon cart average order value
0 %

Tailored Approach: Our comprehensive and creative approach yielded impressive results in just three months. The ROAS rose dramatically from 1 to 5, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored strategy in boosting advertising efficiency for Wessex Distillery.

Full Funnel Marketing: In addition to the improved ROAS, our strategic approach also led to a substantial surge in sales, with a 40% increase observed. This highlights the potency of our holistic marketing approach in driving sales growth.


Our dynamic strategy, which integrated captivating video content, a comprehensive test-and-learn approach, and robust email management, effectively boosted Wessex Distillery’s marketing profitability. The impressively elevated ROAS and the significant increase in sales demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach in driving both customer engagement and business growth.

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