Scaling RawQ's Success: Achieving a 370% Increase in Ad Spend with an Optimised Strategy

Client: RawQ

Regions: UK and Global Market

Key Achievements:

  • Achieved a 370% MoM increase in ad spend
  • Reduced CPA by 41% MoM
  • Boosted sales by 32% MoM


RawQ, an energy bar brand co-founded by tennis player Daniil Medvedev, sought to optimise their advertising strategy to drive sales while minimising costs. Their objective was to effectively scale ad spend to reach more potential customers and reduce the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) to improve profitability.


RawQ’s main challenge was to optimise their advertising strategy to drive sales and reduce costs. They wanted to scale their ad spend to reach more potential customers and manage their CPA to improve overall profitability.

Strategic Approach

To address RawQ’s challenges, we developed a targeted, data-driven advertising strategy focused on ad spend optimisation, cost-saving measures, and creative fine-tuning.

Data-Driven Advertising Strategy: Our approach involved optimising ad spend allocation across different channels based on performance metrics and audience behavior. This aimed to maximise ROI from the expanded ad spend.

Cost-Saving Measures and Optimisations: We implemented measures to reduce the CPA while maintaining or increasing sales, thus delivering improved cost-effectiveness.

Fine-Tuning Targeting and Creatives: By refining targeting parameters and ad creatives, we aimed to reach and resonate with potential customers more effectively, thereby driving sales.

Performance Highlights

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0 %
decrease in CPA mom
0 %
increase in sales mom
0 %

Strategic Spend Allocation: Our targeted approach led to a significant increase in ad spend, achieving a 370% increase MoM. This accomplishment highlights our effectiveness in expanding RawQ’s reach to potential customers via strategic ad spend allocation.

Driving Sales: Our cost-saving measures and optimisations resulted in a significant reduction in the CPA, decreasing by 41% MoM. This demonstrates our ability to improve cost-effectiveness while driving sales. Consequentially, RawQ witnessed a notable increase in sales, with a 32% rise MoM. This signifies the success of our optimised advertising strategy in driving revenue growth.


Our targeted, data-driven advertising strategy effectively addressed RawQ’s challenges, resulting in increased ad spend, reduced CPA, and boosted sales. These improvements underscore the effectiveness of our well-rounded approach in driving sales, expanding reach, and improving cost-effectiveness, thus fostering RawQ’s profitability.

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