Turbocharging Pho's Social Engagement Through TikTok and Organic Social Media

Client: Pho

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • A 40% increase in TikTok followers
  • 120% Surge in social media engagement
  • 25% Uplift in email capture rates


Pho Restaurant is a renowned eatery providing an authentic Vietnamese dining experience. Despite their vibrant culinary offerings, they found their social media growth was static and weren’t able to adequately showcase their brand to the digital audience.


Pho Restaurant faced a primary challenge of stagnant social media growth. The restaurant was struggling to effectively highlight their lively dining experience and the richness of Vietnamese cuisine through their social media platforms. The need for a strategic digital marketing approach was eminent to amplify their brand presence and boost customer engagement.

Strategic Approach

We devised a dynamic digital marketing strategy specifically tailored for Pho, focusing on the power of TikTok and organic social media engagement to reach their audience more effectively.

Implementation of TikTok Strategy: Recognising the increasing popularity and reach of TikTok, especially among food enthusiasts, we decided to leverage this platform. Our team visited the restaurant monthly for content filming sessions, producing high-quality, engaging videos that truly represented Pho’s dining experience.

Staff Training for Content Creation: To ensure continuity and authenticity in the content, we trained the restaurant staff to contribute to video creation. This further strengthened the brand’s organic social media presence as the audience connected with the real people behind the brand.

Alignment with Organic Social Strategy: The TikTok content wasn’t an isolated strategy. Instead, it was a part of a comprehensive organic social media approach designed to reinforce brand authenticity.

Performance Highlights

Increase in TikTok followers
0 %
Surge in social media engagement
0 %
Uplift in email capture rates
0 %

Working Towards Virality: Our comprehensive TikTok strategy not only enhanced Pho’s brand visibility but also catalysed the creation of several viral videos. This significant expansion of their digital footprint clearly resonated with the audience, leading to a 40% increase in their TikTok followers.

Content-Driven Growth: The integrated approach to TikTok content creation and organic social media engagement was instrumental in the surge of user engagement across social media platforms, which saw a rise of 120%. Additionally, the amplified social media presence led to a 25% increase in email capture rates, reaffirming the success of our tailored approach.


Our dynamic and integrated approach to TikTok content creation and organic social media engagement helped Pho Restaurant overcome their challenges and elevate their digital footprint. Through consistent efforts and strategic implementation, Pho achieved significant growth in engagement and followers, affirming the success of our tailored approach.

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