Oddbox's Subscription Surge: A Targeted Multi-Channel Strategy Drives Growth and Retention

Client: Oddbox

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • Gained over 1,500 new subscriptions
  • Achieved a 45% uplift in retention
  • Decreased Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 44%


Oddbox, a pioneer in delivering sustainably sourced, ‘odd’ fruits and vegetables, aimed to increase its subscriptions. The task was to devise a multi-channel performance marketing strategy, focusing on advertising, micro-influencer marketing, and social outreach to reach potential subscribers effectively and increase the subscription base.


Oddbox’s main challenge was to boost subscriptions through an effective multi-channel performance marketing strategy. The goal was not just to increase subscriptions but also to retain new subscribers and optimise the CPA.

Strategic Approach

Our approach involved utilising historical data and competitor research to identify the most effective channels for driving subscriptions.

Data-Driven Strategy: By analysing historical data and conducting competitor research, we identified the channels that yielded the highest conversions, optimising budgets and strategy accordingly.

Enhanced Remarketing and Micro-influencer Collaborations: We developed a unique strategy to enhance remarketing efforts and collaborate with micro-influencers. This targeted approach aimed to attract and retain subscribers effectively.

Performance Highlights

new subscriptions
0 +
uplift in retention
0 %
decrease in CPA
0 %

Data-driven Insights: Our targeted strategy led to significant achievements, with over 1,500 new subscriptions gained. This result underscores the effectiveness of our data-driven insights and innovative marketing techniques in growing the subscriber base.

Increase in Subscriber Retention: In addition to new subscriptions, our approach also significantly enhanced subscriber retention, which saw a 45% uplift. This improvement demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-rounded strategy that not only focuses on acquisition but also gives due importance to retention.


Our targeted multi-channel strategy successfully drove Oddbox’s subscription growth and significantly enhanced subscriber retention. The increase in new subscriptions, the uplift in retention, and the decrease in CPA demonstrate the effectiveness of leveraging data-driven insights and innovative marketing techniques. These achievements underscore the value of a focused and integrated marketing strategy in driving growth and enhancing customer loyalty.

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