Scoring High: Bounce's Path to Increased Attendance and Boosted Revenue

Client: Bounce Ping Pong 

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • Numerous sold-out events
  • 6% increase in repeat visits
  • 14% rise in average order value


Established in 2012, Bounce revolutionised London’s social scene with a unique ping pong experience. Spread across multiple venues, Bounce caters to a broad audience, ranging from small gatherings to large events. It’s not just the games that captivate; Bounce serves delicious food and craft cocktails in an electric atmosphere, enhanced by renowned DJs and a dedicated team.


Despite their success, Bounce sought to boost event attendance, increase average customer spend, and strengthen customer loyalty. The challenge was to develop and implement a marketing strategy that effectively addressed these goals in a bustling market.

Strategic Approach

We executed a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing strategy to elevate Bounce’s brand visibility and engagement.

Paid Ads and Organic Content: Our approach involved dedicated efforts towards creating compelling organic content and strategically placed paid ads to boost brand visibility and attract a larger customer base.

Influencer Collaborations and Email Campaigns: We leveraged influencer collaborations to expand the brand’s reach and designed targeted email campaigns to foster customer loyalty and repeat visits.

Innovative Creatives: We deployed innovative creative efforts to enhance the brand narrative and create a memorable impression, which encourages higher spend per visit.

Performance Highlights

increase in repeat visits
0 %
rise in average order value
0 %

Multi-Channel Strategy: The effectiveness of our multi-channel marketing strategy is evident in the numerous sold-out events Bounce Ping Pong witnessed, indicating the powerful reach of our advertising and organic content efforts.

Full-Funnel Marketing: The increase in repeat visits, demonstrates the effectiveness of our targeted email campaigns and influencer collaborations in fostering customer loyalty.  


Our comprehensive, multi-channel marketing strategy effectively addressed Bounce’s challenges, leading to numerous sold-out events, increased repeat visits, and a rise in average order value. These remarkable achievements underscore the effectiveness of a diversified marketing strategy in driving significant business growth.

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