Personality, collaboration, and understanding – the key to exceptional content

Personality, collaboration, and understanding – the key to exceptional content_5ee33d23e4bb0.jpeg

You may have heard us mention content, once maybe twice… okay all the time, but content is super important. Without great content, brands and their agencies would be missing out on a plethora of opportunities to reach their buyers and generate high levels of engagement.

Although content is all great and wonderful, it does take resources and speed. You see, in order to be effective, the content will need to be created quickly and scaled to fit the requirement. Equally, quick turnaround and response to a buyer’s needs cannot exist at the expense of quality.

This results in a sizable challenge for companies to ensure they have the talent, skills, and speed to translate a brief, effectively tailor content and create something at speed.

Content personality

The power of personality within content marketing is key to developing how your brand is perceived. After all, people buy from people, not a company, and that means that people need to like you.

Content personality should move beyond a perfectly tailored ‘about me’ page and into every interaction you have with your customers and would-be customers. Your personality needs to be consistent, without this, people will detect a level of hypocrisy which can result in mistrust.

Maintaining a steadfast way of communicating with consumers is important to be able to scale and respond effectively. An established set of terminology and tone of voice is vital to maintain consistency, particularly when there are multiple content creators working across the brand.

Why is content personality important?

Not only does content personality offer you a competitive edge, but it also allows you the capability to more effectively attract and maintain buyer engagement.

Building a personality that is communicated through content demonstrates more depth to your brand than what is displayed on the surface. Some brands even go as far as to hire or create a fictional spokesperson, who can embody the personality and customers can identify with.


Without teamwork, your brand dream simply cannot work. You see without effective collaboration, whether it’s online or in person, you won’t be able to imagine, create and generate the content your brand needs to succeed.

It takes a range of skills, ideas, and points of view to ensure that your brand can be taken to the next level, meet the needs of your customers and surpass your competitors through growth.

Through the implementation of online tools, you can better assign a whole team to a project, with the ability to share all of their ideas and progress with ease.

Additionally, this means that the creative work is delivered on time and is conceived from a range of viewpoints and opinions approaching the challenge from multiple angles.

Why is collaboration important?

Whether it’s collaborating internally, between agencies or between agency and brand, the shift from competition to collaboration has seen marketers working towards the common goal of creating better relationships with customers.

In order to create the most engaging and responsive content, there needs to be a collaboration of skills and transformation which sees outdated practices and rivalries cast aside to all work together to meet one objective.

It allows agencies and internal teams to reduce the need to spread their expertise too thin and instead focus their efforts on achieving just one part of a project with other highly skilled individuals stepping in to ensure each element is created to a high quality.

Understanding measurement

Without a comprehensive understanding of the outcome of the content, you cannot effectively measure it. Too many brands don’t set an expectation for their content, instead of creating what they think their customers want to see, rather than based on findings and tangible outcomes.

What is each of your marketing channels end goal? After all, each channel will ultimately have a different end goal and each of these should be met with a different content strategy.

A/B testing different approaches on each of your channels can help you better pinpoint what is effective and what isn’t, which can then be used to better understand customer behaviour and consumption of media.

Why is understanding measurement important?

Understanding why you’re creating a piece of content will overall make it more effective. Without a goal or objective, you’re simply creating something for the sake of it, which isn’t a particularly wise use of resources.

Once you have an understanding of the metrics that will be used to measure the effectiveness of your content, you’ll have a better understanding of how to create it to achieve those results. If the goal is to convert users relatively quickly, you probably don’t want reams of text, instead, they will want to cut to the chase and utilise multimedia to ensure they are engaged from the get-go.

There should never be an instruction to create a piece of content without an overarching objective. Content marketing objectives typically focus on raising brand awareness, generating leads, improving customer retention or upselling existing customers. This definition is intrinsic to defining the parameters for measuring success and therefore creating content that is going to achieve the goal.

Your content marketing strategy

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