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TikTok has emerged not just as a platform but as a cultural powerhouse, redefining entertainment, creativity, and information.

According to Datareportal’s “Digital 2023” report, TikTok boasts over a billion active users. It is not just a playground for Gen Z but breaks generational boundaries with a huge Millennial presence. 

The platform’s impact is evident not only online but also in how it propels trends into the offline world. From viral dances to hashtag challenges, TikTok’s trends have a ripple effect, influencing fashion, music, and even the lexicon of the Millennial and Gen Z cohorts.

Throughout the last couple of years, we have seen TikTok transition from being a platform based around sound and music (that, at the time would help grow your account) to now leveraging personality/vlog style content over sound.

Take a look at creators such as Alix Earle, known for her down-to-earth, party girl, hot best friend personality. Her GRWM (get Ready With Me) conversational videos are her top hits. Her persona has gained her the 6 million followers she currently sits at.

Then we have a Canadian content creator, who goes by ‘Strawberry Milk mob’ who specialises in selling bikinis and swimwear. Her personality alone is the driving factor in making sales.

This is a clear indication to brands leveraging TikTok as a way of generating profit that they need to rely on someone who has a strong, outgoing & confident personality as a way to sell to a TikTok audience. The magnetic pull of a genuine personality can not only captivate audiences but also create a dedicated follower base that returns for the creator’s style, humour, insights, or storytelling

Brands will fail when they care more about their brand image and brand guidelines compared to making fun, engaging, authentic TikTok content with genuine creators.

Brands will fail when they care more about their brand image and brand guidelines compared to making fun, engaging, authentic TikTok content with genuine creators.

Though the strategic leverage of personality and content creators has emerged as the soul that offers a human connection and depth. It’s undeniable that trending sounds are a potent tool for relevance and reach.

It’s also important to consider the algorithmic advantages of TikTok. While trending sounds may boost visibility, the platform’s algorithm also prioritises content that users spend time interacting with. 

To conclude, while leveraging trending sounds is a smart tactic for remaining topical and visible, it is the strategic emphasis on personality and content creators that builds a sustainable brand presence on TikTok.

These human connections are what convert viewers into followers, and followers into a community and community into buyers. By striking a balance between utilising trending sounds for relevance and promoting unique content for depth, brands and creators can craft a TikTok presence that is not only popular but also personal, powerful, and profitable.

If you’re still here reading this hit piece, then you’re probably looking for some trending sounds you can use in your content right now! I’ve made it easy for you and listed a bunch below. UR WELCOME.

Other trending sounds:








Thank me later for that one, I just saved you sometime scrolling and laid everything out nicely for you!

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