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Everyone is at it these days – user-generated content that is!

Picking up a phone and hitting record has never been so easy. However, although anyone can do it there is some skill behind good content. Here are some tips and tricks on how to create quality UGC that people will actually want to watch and interact with.

What type of content?

First things first – what are you selling? This decides the type of UGC you want. There are a few types of UGC including, unboxing videos, ASMR videos, try-on hauls and green screens. Let’s look at the benefits of each…

UnboxingNot only is this video really easy to film, but it’s also a great way to showcase your product in a real-time POV. Plus if you have lovely packaging it’s a bonus! Recreate your package being posted and open it up to reveal what’s inside.  

ASMR – Have a product that’s utterly clickable? ASMR videos tend to go viral quickly. There’s something about them that scratches our brain just right. Make sure to have a good microphone to catch all those taps and some acrylic nails to really turn up the ASMR. 

Try-on hauls – For all the e-comm businesses out there, try-on hauls will be your best friend. Very simple to film and a really creative way to display your brand and style, plus there are some fun transitions to play with.  

Green screen – Companies with no tangible products – this one’s for you. Whether you have an app, film or NFT use the green screen filter on TikTok to show the product on the screen behind you, whilst you talk about it. It’s really that easy.

How, where and when

Now we have figured out what type of UGC you want to film, the next question is how. Before you begin filming let’s delve into what you’ll need. 

* A phone of reasonably good quality *

Got one of those? Okay good – now you’re ready. We’re not joking it’s all you really need. The whole point of UGC is to come across as natural as possible and realistically you wouldn’t have all the gizmos and gadgets if you’re purely a consumer. 

If you’re looking to do an ASMR video you may need a little microphone but we can’t say that it’s necessary. Sure if you have a tripod to hand that can certainly help but so can a window sill. Have a ring light? That’s also great but natural light can come across more, well… natural, funnily enough. Brighter videos tend to get better engagement. If you’re filming a green screen video, try filming in front of a white wall to help the filter. Speaking of filters…

Filter vs no filters

It isn’t hard to find filters on social media platforms. Not only are there millions to choose from, they are being used everywhere. From bunny ears to Shrek dancing in the distance the possibilities are endless. 

Now we’re not saying no to filters however if you want to create relatable content, opting for a filter doesn’t translate well. Looking overly polished isn’t relatable. You’re probably reading this blog right now in pyjamas and hair thrown up in a messy bun – now this is relatable! We’ve moved away from glossy magazine adverts and the beauty of user-generated content is to really see products and people in a normal setting.

No dirty socks, please

So you’re all set up and ready to hit record but just before you do take a look around. Do you have an overflowing wash basket in the shot? We want the content to look real but dirty socks can be removed. Try to make the backdrop and possibly your outfit as non-distracting as possible. The focus should be on the product.

Make that money

We’ve given you all the tips and tricks to start filming your UGC – sounds easy right? It is! Not only that you could be making money doing this. Swaybe is a UGC agency allowing you to not only find models for your business (just in case you get camera shy) but you can sign up to become a UGC model and get hired. Easy peasy. 

So go forth and create content – who knows you could be the next Addison Rae and be hitting those 1000000+ views. As always, at Favoured we have a team of creative and wonderful UGC creators that are always happy to provide content and insight into the world of social media.

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