TOP TikTok trends for June 2022 and the death of Instagram

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Trends come and go in a heartbeat, if you don’t hop on the bandwagon the moment these trends occur, you may miss your chance at making a viral TikTok. Here at Favoured we find these TikTok trends before the curve, below are a list of explained trends taking place on the game changing, viral, global sensation app we all know and love.

TREND 1: About Damn Time – Lizzo

This song is making laps on TikTok and fair play, it’s a great feel good song. Whether you’re lip syncing, replicating the trending dance or using it as background music in your day in the life video, the song has a vibe and fits almost every niche on TikTok.

TREND 2: The 7 second text overload trend

Very simple but effective trend, you record anything for 7 seconds then add a paragraph of text. Literally a paragraph. Example below, this type of trend converts well on TikTok because as viewers are reading the text, the video will keep playing, then it will loop. By the time they’re finished chances are they’ve already watched it 3 times. More watch time = more engagement = TikTok pushing your content.

TREND 3: I did it myself!

This was clipped from an interview with Julia Fox from Vanity fair. Creators are lip syncing this sound to mention something (you guessed it) they did themselves. Scaling from causing an argument to getting themselves into a situation they willingly put themselves in… but don’t want to be in. You can get creative with this one.

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TREND 4: I’ve been dropping so many hints and you’re still not getting it!”

That’s the trend. That’s all you have to say. Simply lip sync the sound and add relatable text. For example “When you’re on a romantic holiday and he still hasn’t proposed”.

TREND 5: I am Jose mourinho

You’re not… but for this trend, you can say you are. The idea is that you type out something you’ve accomplished. An example of text can be “Me back in school selling 50p chocolate bars for £1” so the premise of the sound is a question to yourself, what have you done in the past to make money. Show us on TikTok.

TREND 6: A Man Without Love

If you’ve seen Moon Knight you’ll know the song. This is more of a transition video. The TikTok starts with something you’ve been through. You could’ve been broke and now you’re rich. You use the peak of the song to create the transition and boom – you have a TikTok. 

Understandably this is only a small handful of trends going on right now, to see more of what is exactly trending right now on TikTok follow us on our TikTok account for a more in-depth hunt into trending sounds/effects on TikTok for June.

On other news something to take into account is the fall of Instagram. In my personal, heavily Gen Z opinionated opinion, Instagram is the Facebook of our generation. Still a heavily used platform but disregarded as a pretty terrible app. You’d think Instagram and Adam Mosseri (Head of instagram) would take this into account and make the platform great again. But no, they shot themselves in the foot once again by releasing an update nobody asked for. You can’t deny the fact that the gram is trying to compete with the giant, TikTok (with over 1 billion active users each month) But there’s only so far you can copy an already perfect app until you just get left in the dark or seen as ‘the wannabe’.

Instagram is that kid you went to school with who would always try and copy your work but tweak it to make it a little unique to themselves. With Reels being the last frontier of the Instagram parade and not forgetting their new update which, ironically, looks just like the TikTok layout. I talk on behalf of the many who do believe… that Instagram is coming to the end of the line in terms of popularity.

Personally I love Instagram. Or I should say ‘Loved’ ever since they started hiding posts from other followers, and constantly changing their algorithm to benefit nobody. The shift from Instagram over the last 2-3 years is staggering. With Gen Z kids calling Millennials boomers for having an instagram account. Take note wannabe cool down with the kids crew, Instagram ain’t it. It’s either TikTok or Bereal. To sum up this entire rant I read a quote that I can’t help but think about 24/7. Even in the shower.

“TikTok makes me fall inlove with strangers. And Instagram makes me hate everyone I know personally”

Instagram broke hearts, made people hate how they looked and pushed content of models that were clearly manipulated images. This has become a trend on TikTok with people exposing what models really look like during a photo-shoot and between takes. It’s quite scary when you come to realize how many younger kids out there want to look like these mega influencers… only for them to soon enough figure out that none of it is real. The hard truth too is that for some, even the fakeness of everything is a kids dream and that’s what leads me onto… Ladies and Gentlemen… The metaverse. But that’s a story for another day.

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