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TikTok has made some MASSIVE changes to its algorithm. Hashtags are now irrelevant and views are harder to come by. So if you’re trying to go viral in September you need to remember these all-important tricks to beat their algorithm. Let’s break it down:

  • Be niche specific – Hashtags are irrelevant unless you’re being niche specific. #foryyoupage, #fyp, #viral don’t work anymore. ONLY use hashtags that relate to exactly what it is your account/content is based on.
  • Stop the scroll – Hooks are more important than ever, that intro scroll-stopping sentence at the start of your videos will be the make or break.
  • Who are you? – Lock down what your account is about. What is your brand, who are you as a business and what are you actively communicating?

Due to the algorithm changes, people have been seeing a serious drop in views. So, if you’re looking to get your product or company out there, relearning TikTok can be frustrating – we get it. But trust us, implementing these points into your revised TikTok strategy is crucial to try and tackle TikTok’s new way of growing.

To spread the word about your business we would suggest crossposting your TikToks onto Instagram reels. The TikTok knock-off side to Instagram has seen a significant boost in views – how the tables have turned. So, as long as you’re taking that TikTok logo out before mass-distributing your video, you’re clear for take-off.

Something that hasn’t changed is the use of viral TikTok sounds and songs. This is still crucial to growth on TikTok so below, we have gathered a list of viral TikTok sounds that are trending right now. Take these sounds and implement them into your niche content. This will help keep you relevant, authentic and aligned with social trends:


New sound on the block, use this to show yourself or something else off. Like a flex.

If you’ve had a TikTok go viral then this is your chance to make it go viral again. Use this sound to describe what the viral video was then when the song reaches “I’ll blow up” show how many views that video got. This is the best way to show off how great you are at making content.

Who would’ve thought that Johnny Cash would have the TikTok viral spotlight? Now he does and for this trend, people are running with things they’ve seemingly stolen. Easy peasy.

This is a sweet one. Use this sound to reminisce on what you considered a good time in your life, whether it’s being young again or a holiday you loved so much. This one can be a heartbreaker.

This song has been around the block and back many times and guess what… It’s back again. This makes for a great background song or, if you’re into it, you can do the dance that goes with this song! Try it out!

Get a group of friends, one being the lead and the others with their phone torches. This sound is a must for any party or event, it’s hilarious, easy and the end results are upbeat and fun – check it out!

This sound has been around a while but it’s still trending! For this, all you need to do is lip-sync the audio and have text on the screen explaining a certain situation. Examples below:

Sounds only stay relevant for a short amount of time so it’s crucial that if you’re trying to go viral on TikTok in September use these sounds and any other sounds you hear more than once on your for you page. These TikTok algorithm changes are proving to be a challenge with users so take this advice and run with it, we got you covered. Now get out there and make some TikToks! We’ll see you on the fyp!


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