How to Advertise in the Femcare Sector; Hear from the Experts

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If you have been on the internet anytime recently you may well have seen the sudden surge of new feminine hygiene companies. With this influx of inclusive self-care products for women it does beg the question – how do you advertise such a product? 

Don’t worry, we have the experts who have pulled together some examples of the femcare companies who are smashing their marketing. Let’s go…


They’ve made their way to the forefront of femcare companies with their bright, colourful graphics and no bull**** tone. This razor brand is directly targeting Gen Z and any gender – that’s what makes this product stand out. 

The refreshing tone of ‘everyone is beautiful’ and ‘shave where you want’ certainly contradicts older femcare commercials (if “I’m your Venus” isn’t playing in your head right now we’re concerned). Being one of the first femcare brands to rejuvenate the industry, Estrid had an opportunity to stand out against older stagnant and more corporate brands. 


We’re slightly biased with this one as we have been working with WooWoo for some time now. We attacked the marketing campaigns with a strong sense of brand and a distinct tone of voice. WooWoo really wanted to be seen as the cool, best friend you’d take advice from.

In one of our earlier blogs, we delved into how email campaigns are still one of the best and most effective forms of marketing. This is very much the case for WooWoo – as you can see from the engagement and retention report, the value that both automated and manual campaigns brought in was substantial. 

By creating an engaging and consistent email campaign we were able to… 

  • Increase average Open Rate from 25% to 32% with A/B testing
  • Improve email attributed revenue by an average of £1 per order with product upsells
  • Grow the monthly order revenue attributed to automated emails by £3,000 in 6 months
  • Grow the monthly order revenue attributed to newsletter-style emails by £6,500 in 6 months.

Too email or not to email

So what’s the trick with email marketing? Let’s take a look at automated and manual emails… 

Automated email campaigns 

Your inactive and active email funnels are important to retain and engage your customers. In the femcare industry, if you’re selling online it should be your first priority to create and set up an abandon cart email flow. This flow should consist of 2-3 emails and build up to a discount or offer on their cart. Hook your stagnant customers with an Inactive flow and entice them back to your brand. 

Manual email campaigns 

Gen Z and Millenials get the stigma of having a small attention span (which may be true), however, they are more engaged with company values and goals, unlike previous generations. Are you eco-warriors in your company? Talk about it in your next newsletter. Try to bring a product or two into the email as an upsell. 

Marketing can go beyond emails… 

Social media

Aside from email marketing, femcare brands have taken to social media to advertise their products. There’s definitely a knack to putting content out into the world about vaginas and boobs without being crude. Here are some tips: 

Let’s talk about it – Terms such as boobs and vagina, weren’t used in traditional marketing. Brands are normalising the topic and making sure we’re getting to the nitty gritty in conversations around the female body. 

No full nudity – Makes sense however can be a blocker for some brands, #freethenipple! 

Hair? Who cares –  A lot of companies have made a stand against the once “perfect” completely hairless image and are opting for a more “shave where you want” stance. Estrid is a big advocate for this. 

When your brand is all about female empowerment it can seem like a step backwards with these community guidelines, don’t be too upset though. With some creativity and a dash of personality you can still create gorgeous and engaging content. 

Good things come in threes

Overall, if you’re in the femcare industry it’s important to use ads, email marketing and social media simultaneously to ensure you are engaging a new audience and retaining your existing database.  

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