How Brands Can Conquer TikTok this Summer

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TikTok currently has over 3 billion downloads worldwide as of 2023 making it the 5th app to accomplish this. 1.05 billion of these users are monthly active users. In the UK alone the average user spends 90 minutes a day on the app (that’s literally the average length of a movie, so you could imagine how much content the average user is consuming on a daily basis from different creators and videos)!

Furthermore, 54% of TikTok users are female and 46% of users are male. On a global scale, women aged between 18-24 are roughly 5% of the TikTok audience and 17% are men between the ages 18-24. This indicates that over the last couple of years of TikTok’s growth, the average user has aged with the platform and stuck with it.

So how does a brand that’s making a TikTok account for the first time fit into this phenomenon? Let’s look into some tips brands should use to grow their TikTok presence on the viral social app:

1. Create authentic and relatable content 

Younger audiences on TikTok appreciate content that feels authentic, genuine, and relatable. Brands that want to connect with this demographic should create content that speaks to their interests, values, and experiences. 

It’s critical that you leverage the tools within TikTok and that you try and edit as much as possible within TikTok or other apps such as CapCut. Don’t worry about having polished content. Because the reality is, no one is paying that much attention. They just want to consume an easy-to-watch, fun video!

2. Use humour and creativity. 

TikTok is a platform that thrives on funny and creative moments so brands that can tap into these elements are likely to be successful. Brands should experiment with different formats, music, and trends to keep their content fresh and engaging. Brands should also not restrict themselves from certain trends if it’s deemed not ‘brand friendly’. Take a look at what Scrub 

3. Collaborate with influencers/ UGC creators: 

Partnering with creators on TikTok is a great way to reach a younger audience. Brands should identify creators who align with their values and message, and work with them to create content that is both entertaining and informative.

4. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends

TikTok is constantly evolving, with new trends and challenges emerging all the time. Brands that want to be relevant and appeal to younger audiences should stay on top of these trends, and use them to inform their content strategy.

Check out what’s trending right now. Whether it’s a hit Netflix show or something Kris Jenner said in the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Sound bites from popular shows, movies or interviews go pretty viral on TikTok.

5. Be consistent

TikTok also thrives on consistency. Posting 5-7 times a week is a great way of maximizing brand exposure on the platform. It’s also a great way of testing certain creative routes and seeing what sticks. Once you see a standout video on your account you need to take that style of video and essentially run with it.

Over to you

With every great idea comes a great TikTok, and if you’ve made it this far then you’re clearly interested in discovering more about how to make excellent content for your social platforms! At Favoured, we specialise in making top-performing content to maximize your viewership potential. We like to mix creativity with data ensuring that the TikTok content we produce will be thoroughly executed to the highest degree. 

Ahead of the trends ahead of the curve, that’s the Favoured way. Get in touch today and let’s see how we can boost your online presence!

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