Navigating the New Email Authentica-Shakeup: Gmail and Yahoo’s Latest Moves and What They Mean for You

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Hey there, digital dynamos! Buckle up because the email marketing realm is buzzing with some fresh updates from Gmail and Yahoo. We’re here to break it down for you – Favoured style.

Gmail's BIMI Implementation: Making Your Brand's Visuals Stand Out

Gmail’s shaking things up with Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI). It’s like giving your emails a VIP pass with your logo front and center in the user’s inbox. So, how do you get in on this branding bonanza? Easy-peasy: have a DMARC policy in place and your logo in SVG format. Your brand’s charisma is about to get a major inbox glow-up!

Yahoo's DMARC Policy: Steering Clear of the Spam Folder

Yahoo’s not far behind, tightening its DMARC policy. Think of DMARC as your email’s bodyguard, keeping those pesky phishers at bay. For you, it means ensuring your emails are aligned with DMARC. It’s a bit of a technical tango, but hey, we love a challenge, right?

What This Means for Your Email Marketing Game

These changes are like a double espresso shot for your email marketing strategy. Authenticity and brand recognition go through the roof, and your emails find their cozy spot right where they belong – in the user’s primary inbox. It’s about making each email a little event in itself.

Our Hot Take

We’re all about making noise and standing out in a sea of sameness. Gmail and Yahoo’s new moves? They’re not just changes; they’re opportunities. It’s time to strut your brand’s stuff in the inbox runway.

Your Action Plan

Start with a DMARC policy if you haven’t already. Get your brand’s logo in SVG format for BIMI. And most importantly, keep crafting those killer emails that make your audience click with excitement.

Change is always a bit daunting, but it’s also exhilarating. Embrace these email evolutions and watch your brand’s digital charisma soar. As always, we’re here to make the journey with you – so get in touch if you need help! Let’s make some email magic happen!


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