Top TikTok trends for July 2022 and tips to go viral

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With Summer in full swing the only thing worth doing with your friends or by yourself is making TikToks! Because everybody loves some summer memories. Here at Favoured we’re going to make your TikTok journey to virality easier than ever with all the best TikTok trends for July! Check them out down below:

Trend 1 – Door knocking transition

Picture this… you’re going on a night out, a dinner date or you just wanna dress fancy. Start this trend before you dazzle up, transition through the door (Whip your phone with your hand to create the smoothest transition) and show your final form. Talk about a GLOW UP!


Shrug your arms, pout your lips and dance. And when the song goes “Fortnite moves, do it again!” (It literally says ‘Fortnite moves’) take the phone and pass it to your friend, then repeat the process. Easy trend, perfect for passing the time when you’re waiting in line at the club.

Trend 3 – Tell me something that will **** you off

“Uh I need to feel something, Harry will you tell me something that will p*** me off” – you lipsync that

“Boba Fett is better than the Mandalorian” (star wars shows) have text over the top of something you don’t like at all. (example: A heatwave is coming and your working everyday of it)

“Yep that’ll do it” – you lipsync that part. Easy trend!

Trend 4 – I’m thirsty… refreshing!

This is a weird TikTok trend but TikTok can be weird so go with it. To do this, you and a friend are in a pool (or a bottle/bucket of water works) one spits water into the other’s mouth (you heard that right) and the other person goes “mm.. Refreshing” look don’t be weirded out, it’s trending and people are doing it so lets play along.

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Trend 5 – Minion Takeover:

This has caused a protest between cinemas, memes and the movie itself. For this trend you dress in your finest suit, grab the boys and go watch the minions movie. Universal pictures are making more money than expected but at what cost? Cinema staff freaking out over the #GentleMinions coming to their cinemas and causing a rave in the theaters. The trend has been viewed more than 50 million times and shows no signs of slowing down. Even Mr Beast took it as far as buying out the cinema to share the movie with fans.

Trend 6 – In simple terms:

This is a new sound I’ve just picked up on. It currently has only been made 11k times (which makes this very early) Start the video with a sentence of anything. For example “your mother and I are getting a divorce”  followed by using “…” then back to the other person going “Oh sorry, L marriage” You’re basically simplifying terms in a very Gen Z tone of voice.


YungGravy is a musician and his song ‘Betty (Get Money)’ is popping off, to jump on this trend just show the best version of yourself, show off someone else or replicate the dance Charlie D’amliio made. It’s a great song too, check it out!

Trend 8: Stargirl interlude (Lana Del Rey/ The weekend):

Two dance moves (really easy) and end with whoevers filming to run around you and show off how cool you look. This trend is mainly to just show off your makeup, style or if you’re bored then boom, here’s how to kill 5 minutes!

So there we have it, you now have the ability to go viral on TikTok using these trending sounds (thank us later). In order to strive on social media and grow your own brand it’s important to be ahead of the curve and understand the trends that are taking place! Here at Favoured we know the trends that work best for general knowledge or how you can implement them into your content. Get in touch today and we’ll help you grow your social media presence!


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