What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a creative approach to improving your online visibility and brand awareness through the creation and distribution of materials including creative copywriting, blogs, videos, images and social media posts.

Used by globally successful brands, content marketing can be scaled up or down to suit big and small brands alike. Prominent brands and their customers, across a range of sectors, have reaped the benefits of content marketing, in the form of increased sales, less costly activities and an improved loyalty through an optimised customer experience.

Why does my company need content marketing?

Regardless of your industry, content should form a core element of your marketing strategy. It offers a strategic edge through creating highly relevant, valuable and tailored content to suit your core customers or stakeholders.

The format of the content is determined by the audience demographics and overarching objectives, meaning that if your audience operates primarily on Instagram are aged 18-35, you would likely create engaging visual content (e.g. images or video) supported by informative captions.

What this achieves is an alignment between customer and brand. The user feels as if the content has been created specifically to solve a problem of theirs or engage directly with them. The sell isn’t hard and the angle of the content is to typically build familiarity and trust through entertaining, informing, educating and engaging with the user. The value is derived from the relevance and quality of the content to the user.


What's included in this service?

Listicles and infographics

This approach allows you to produce short form content which utilises a list for its structure. It’s favoured on lifestyle and general interest sites and can be highly engaging offering snippets of information in an easily digestible format.


Developing a ‘how-to’ guide is a great way to demonstrate and share your knowledge with your audience. It allows you to assist ‘non-experts’ in getting to grip with a subject and support in building trust.

Social media

Your social posts say a lot about your brand – we ensure that you’re utilising the right channels, considering timings, a tone of voice, imagery, video and copy, to boost your brand recognition, awareness and engage with your customers.

Videos and images

Not only does multimedia improve the appearance of your site or social media feed, but it’s also recognised as improving engagement rates. Using multimedia within your content strategy means you can more closely tailor your brand experience to fit your core audience demographics making it overall more memorable and personal.

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