Spicing Up Uni-Eagle's Brand Awareness: Increasing Reach, Impressions & Engagement

Client: Uni-Eagle

Regions: UK Market

Key Achievements:

  • Increased reach and impressions by over 200% compared to previously run campaigns
  • Boosted page engagement by 269%
  • Maintained an overall frequency under 1.90


Uni-Eagle, revered for their uniquely sweet and spicy Sriracha Hot Sauce, have been tantalising taste buds across the UK. Made with premium ingredients, their products add not just heat, but flavourful depth to any dish. Meticulously crafted to cater to chilli enthusiasts and casual spice lovers alike, Uni-Eagle is a go-to condiment for culinary enthusiasts.


While Uni-Eagle already had a loyal customer base, their primary challenge was expanding brand awareness in the UK market. They sought to increase their reach and impressions significantly and improve page engagement while ensuring the frequency of their message hit the sweet spot.

Strategic Approach

Favoured implemented a comprehensive strategy to address Uni-Eagle’s challenges:

Implementing Organic and Paid Campaigns: Favoured launched both organic and paid campaigns with consistent branding across both ensuring a balanced approach to improve Uni-Eagle’s brand awareness.

Focusing on Engagement: Favoured prioritised increasing page engagement to encourage more user interactions and audience growth. This was achieved through high-quality creative content across static, video and UGC. 

Frequency Management: The team maintained a campaign frequency under 1.90 to keep the messages fresh and engaging. 

Performance Highlights

increase in reach and impressions
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increase in page engagement
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frequency maintained

Expanding Brand Visibility: Our strategic campaigns resulted in an impressive increase of reach and impressions for Uni-Eagle. The numbers leaped by over 200% compared to past campaigns, marking a significant stride in expanding Uni-Eagle’s brand visibility in the UK market.

Increased Interactions: It wasn’t just about boosting visibility, but also sparking interactions. The strategies implemented by Favoured led to a phenomenal 269% rise in page engagement. This surge indicates more users were interacting with Uni-Eagle’s content, fostering a more dynamic and engaged community around the brand.

Fresh Creative: In digital marketing, frequency is a balancing act, and Favoured nailed it. They managed to maintain a campaign frequency under 1.9, ensuring that Uni-Eagle’s messages stayed fresh and engaging without over-saturating the audience. This careful modulation enhanced the effectiveness of the campaign without overwhelming the audience.


Favoured’s strategic approach took Uni-Eagle’s brand awareness to new heights in the UK market and significantly increased their page engagement. The performance highlights attest to the effectiveness of the carefully crafted strategies that balanced reach, engagement, and frequency. Leveraging their expertise, Favoured was able to help Uni-Eagle turn up the heat and spice up their presence in the competitive condiment landscape.

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