Supercharging Tilepix's Growth: Increasing Sales by 120% and Fostering Customer Loyalty

Client: TilePix

Regions: United States 

Key Achievements:

  • Increased year-over-year sales by 120%
  • Enhanced the repeat order rate by 30%


TilePix offers an innovative solution combining a magnetic photo frame and a user-friendly app for easy photo selection, printing, and delivery. Despite its groundbreaking product, TilePix sought to enhance new user acquisition, improve lower-funnel conversion rates, and increase revenue from owned channels.


TilePix’s primary challenges were boosting new user acquisition, enhancing lower-funnel conversion rates, and increasing revenue from owned channels. The aim was to not only expand the customer base but also to heighten customer loyalty and enhance the value derived from existing users.

Strategic Approach

We implemented a holistic strategy that focused on user acquisition, conversion pathway optimisation, and engagement enhancement on owned channels.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns: To attract new users, targeted marketing campaigns were developed and executed. These campaigns aimed to effectively reach potential users and convert them into customers.

Optimisation of Conversion Pathway: We focused on streamlining the user journey from interest to purchase by optimising the conversion pathway. This aimed to enhance the overall user experience and improve lower-funnel conversion rates.

Enhancement of Owned Channels: In parallel, efforts were taken to drive repeat orders and revenue growth by enhancing engagement on owned channels.

Performance Highlights

increase in sales YoY
0 %
increase in repeat order rate
0 %

Targeted Campaigns: Our holistic strategy led to a significant increase in year-over-year sales, achieving a substantial 120% growth. This impressive increase underscored the effectiveness of our targeted campaigns and conversion pathway optimisation in attracting new users and converting them into paying customers.

Increase In Customer Loyalty: In addition to increasing sales, our strategy significantly enhanced customer loyalty, as evidenced by a 30% uplift in the repeat order rate. This achievement highlights the success of our efforts in engaging owned channels to foster customer loyalty and enhance the value derived from existing users.


Our holistic strategy effectively addressed TilePix’s challenges, resulting in increased sales and an improved repeat order rate. The substantial growth in year-over-year sales and the enhancement of customer loyalty highlight the effectiveness of our approach in expanding the customer base, fostering loyalty, and increasing the value derived from existing users. This success sets a solid foundation for sustained growth and profitability for TilePix.

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