Accelerating The Run To's Success: Boosting Database by 450% and Driving Sales with 275% ROI

Client: The Run To

Regions: UK and Global Market

Key Achievements:

  • Expanded their database of high net worth individuals by 450% within three months
  • Achieved an impressive return on investment (ROI) of 275% in driving ticket sales


The Run To, a provider of unique driving adventures for supercar enthusiasts, grappled with challenges in digital acquisition due to their high ticket prices (£49,500). The crux of their challenge was crafting a strategy that would effectively reach and convert high net worth individuals online.


The Run To’s primary challenge was the digital acquisition of high net worth individuals because of the high price of their adventure tickets. The goal was not only to reach this niche market online but also to guide potential customers through the conversion process effectively.

Strategic Approach

We developed a comprehensive full-funnel strategy encompassing various facets of digital marketing.

Targeted Advertising and Marketing Automation: Our strategy focused on targeted advertising and marketing automation to attract potential customers. This approach aimed to effectively reach and engage The Run To’s niche target market.

Optimised Landing Pages and Engaging Creative Content: Additionally, we focused on optimising landing pages and creating engaging content to guide potential customers through the conversion process smoothly.

Performance Highlights

database expansion of high net worth individuals within 3 months
0 %
ROI achieved in driving ticket sales
0 %

Full-Funnel Marketing: By leveraging the comprehensive full-funnel strategy, we significantly expanded The Run To’s database of high net worth individuals by 450% within just three months. This achievement not only marked a substantial increase in their reach but also underscored the effectiveness of our targeted approach in engaging this niche market.

Overcoming High Ticket Price: Our strategy also led to impressive sales results, achieving an ROI of 275%. This demonstrated the effectiveness of our approach in overcoming the challenge of high ticket prices and driving conversions.


Our comprehensive full-funnel strategy effectively addressed The Run To’s challenge, significantly expanding their database of high net worth individuals and driving sales with a remarkable ROI. The increase in their database and the high ROI underscore the value of a well-rounded digital marketing approach in engaging and converting a niche target market.

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