Transforming Save Your Wardrobe's Success: Achieving 30,000 App Installs with a Dynamic Strategy

Client: Save Your Wardrobe

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • Achieved 30,000 app installs
  • Accomplished an over 27% conversion rate


Save Your Wardrobe, pioneering the world’s first digital wardrobe app with the aid of AI, faced the dual challenge of driving app installs and converting these users into active participants who would add items to and book services within the app.


Save Your Wardrobe’s primary challenge was twofold: to drive app installs and to convert these users into active ones who would add items to their wardrobes and book services within the app. Achieving this required a dynamic strategy that not only attracted users but also nurtured them into active engagement.

Strategic Approach

We adopted a dynamic strategy blending multi-channel marketing with AI and machine learning for smart, mid-funnel user communication.

Multi-Channel Marketing: We leveraged multiple marketing channels to attract users and drive them to download the Save Your Wardrobe app, maximising our reach and effectiveness.

AI and Machine Learning: Coupled with marketing, we used AI and machine learning to deliver personalised mid-funnel communications. This approach aimed to nurture users towards active engagement, encouraging them to add items to their digital wardrobes and book services within the app.


Performance Highlights

app installs
0 +
conversion rate
0 %

Multi-Channel Marketing: Our dynamic strategy yielded significant success, achieving 30,000 app installs. This accomplishment illustrates the effectiveness of our multi-channel marketing approach in reaching and persuading users to download the app.

Increased Active Users: In addition to the app installs, our strategy achieved an impressive conversion rate of over 27%. This high conversion rate indicates strong user engagement, as a large portion of those who downloaded the app became active users, consistently adding to their digital wardrobes and utilising the app’s services.



Our dynamic strategy effectively addressed Save Your Wardrobe’s challenges, achieving 30,000 app installs and an impressive conversion rate. These achievements highlight the effectiveness of our multi-channel marketing approach combined with AI-driven personalised communications. They underscore the value of not just acquiring users but nurturing them into active engagement, effectively showcasing the unique value proposition of the Save Your Wardrobe app.

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