Roxi:Delivering ROI worth singing about

The Favoured way.

Find out how Favoured used performance marketing for ROXi to drive an ROI of 13x on Facebook and increased the ROI from 4x to 15x on AdWords!



Roxi is a revolutionary home entertainment system that includes over 35 million songs to stream or singalong to – karaoke style!

The Problem

At a £99 price point, it was crucial to make sure that any sales driven from advertising had the highest possible ROI.  Facing technical and tracking challenges meant they were unable to effectively track, optimise or scale their advertising, so they were effectively losing sales or spending too much driving them.

The Solution

Favoured’s first challenge was to fix the tracking challenges, not only did we do this but we also implemented an advanced tracking system to make sure we were able to run true performance marketing campaigns.

In order to maximise sales at the absolute best cost, we focused on remarketing.  After analysing the data we discovered that over 80% of the sales happened in the first 3 days of a website visit, so on Facebook, we set up ad sequencing to capture the maximum number of sales at the best price.

On AdWords, we optimised the account by increasing the number of ad groups, whilst decreasing the overall number of keywords.  We also changed the keywords to focus on broad match modifiers with high intent keywords.

We also implemented a strategic set of negative keywords in order to have visibility and drive sales for when potential customers searched for Roxi but with a “y”, which was a very competitive keyword.

We also implemented many other performance marketing tactics and continue to A/B test many variables including copy, creative, call to actions, keywords, bidding strategies and much more!

“Favoured have helped us implement a performance marketing strategy that has seen our ROI, ROAS & sales increase. They are quick to adapt and implement new tactics that align with the other goals in our business.”

Paul Johnson – CMO, ROXi

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