Driving Bookings and Engagement; How Putt Putt Noodle Scored Big with Social Media Mastery

Client: Putt Putt Noodle

Regions: United Kingdom 

Key Achievements:

  • Consistent increase in bookings
  • 20% uplift in social engagement metrics
  • Sold-out Christmas period


Putt Putt Noodle blends entertainment and cuisine in a fresh, exciting way. They offer a unique experience that combines the fun of mini-golf with the sumptuous tastes of Asian-inspired food and drinks. Their beautifully designed mini golf courses and relaxing bar environment create an inviting atmosphere that makes every visit memorable.


Putt Putt Noodle faced the daunting task of boosting web traffic, enhancing sales, and increasing repeat bookings. All while managing an extensive social media presence sprawled across over 40 pages on platforms including Meta, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

Strategic Approach

Addressing these challenges required a strategic plan:

Refining the Organic Social Media Strategy: Favoured took an in-depth look at Putt Putt Noodle’s existing organic social media strategy to see where improvements could be made. It became clear that the content needed to be tailored to each platform’s unique audience for it to hit home. So, that’s exactly what was done. Content was crafted to resonate with the platform’s users, sparking interest and driving engagement.

Boosting Engagement and Visibility: In the world of social media, engagement is king, and what better way to boost visibility than to have your audience interact with your content? By focusing on content diversity and promoting audience interaction, Favoured helped Putt Putt Noodle become a brand people not only followed but also enthusiastically engaged with. This helped to solidify the brand in the minds of consumers and heighten visibility.

Expanding the Digital Footprint: The ultimate goal was to extend Putt Putt Noodle’s reach, enhancing its presence in the digital realm. By pushing out captivating content across multiple platforms and promoting interaction, the brand’s digital footprint was significantly amplified. This broader reach meant that more people had the chance to discover and engage with Putt Putt Noodle, further fueling its growth.

Performance Highlights

uplift in social engagement metrics
0 %

Consistent increase in bookings

Completely sold-out Christmas period

Brand Awareness: The strategic approach implemented by Favoured paid dividends when it came to bookings. Putt Putt Noodle witnessed consistent growth in this area, reflecting the brand’s growing popularity and the effectiveness of the tailored social media strategies.

Audience Engagement: The redefined social media strategy didn’t just look good on paper; it reflected in the metrics as well. There was a 20% quarter-over-quarter uplift in social engagement metrics, testifying to the success of the organic social efforts in engaging the audience and fostering interaction.


By tailoring an organic social media strategy and focusing on audience engagement, Putt Putt Noodle not only boosted its online presence but also significantly enhanced its web traffic, sales, and repeat bookings. This success story shows that a brand can indeed drive substantial business outcomes by leveraging the power of social media with a thoughtful, strategic approach. With Favoured, Putt Putt Noodle is certainly on the right course!

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