Revolutionising Parla's User Journey: A Tenfold Increase in Conversion Rates and Successful Acquisition

Client: Parla

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • Increased conversion rates from 0.4% to 4%
  • Improved Cost Per Install (CPI) by 60%
  • Successfully acquired by Holland & Barrett


Parla, aiming to become a leader in the fertility support sector with its mobile app, faced the challenge of optimising its user journey from download to long-term retention. Recognising the low initial conversion rate despite a comprehensive app funnel, Parla aimed for strategic intervention to boost user engagement and conversion rates.


Parla’s main challenge was to optimise its user journey, from the point of app download to long-term retention. While the app offered a comprehensive funnel, initial conversion rates were low, indicating the need for a strategic approach to enhance user engagement and improve conversion rates.

Strategic Approach

We took charge of the entire app funnel, implementing a strategy known as milestone conversion rate optimisation.

Milestone Conversion Rate Optimisation: Focusing on each critical event within the app’s user journey -download, registration, subscription, and retention – we aimed to enhance these core milestones. This targeted approach was designed to significantly improve user engagement and conversion rates.

Detailed Analytics and Optimisation: To ensure the effectiveness of the approach, each milestone was meticulously analysed and optimised. This process enabled us to identify areas of improvement and implement changes to drive user engagement and conversion.

Performance Highlights

conversion rate increased from 0.4%
0 %
improvement of CPI
0 %


Performance & Brand Awareness: The milestone conversion rate optimisation strategy yielded notable results, increasing the conversion rate from 0.4% to 4%. This tenfold increase not only demonstrated the effectiveness of our targeted strategy but also positioned Parla as a prominent player in the fertility support space.

User Journey Optimisation: The culmination of our strategic intervention was Parla’s acquisition by Holland & Barrett. This significant milestone in Parla’s growth trajectory speaks to the strength of the brand and product, as well as the efficacy of strategic optimisation in the user journey.


By adopting a milestone conversion rate optimisation strategy, we significantly improved Parla’s user engagement and conversion rates. The substantial increase in conversion rates, improved CPI, and successful acquisition by Holland & Barrett highlight the effectiveness of a meticulously designed and implemented strategic approach in enhancing the user journey and driving business growth.

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