Navigating the Digital Event Landscape: On Air Events' Winning Strategy for User Acquisition and Retention

Client: On Air Events

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • 88% growth in user base
  • 30% increase in conversion rates
  • Over 11% increase in rate of repeat purchase


On Air Events is a dynamic platform that offers users an immersive experience in the world of virtual and hybrid events. The platform brings together the convenience of virtual connectivity and the thrill of live events, creating unforgettable experiences for users across the globe.


Navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of virtual and hybrid events, On Air Events faced the uphill task of standing out and capturing a significant market share. The challenges were twofold – growing their user base and improving conversion rates in a competitive, price-sensitive market. Enhancing user engagement and encouraging repeat purchases became critical objectives for ensuring sustainable growth and cementing their position as a market leader.

Strategic Approach

To tackle these challenges, a comprehensive strategy was created:

Full-Funnel Acquisition and Conversion Strategy: A full-funnel acquisition and conversion strategy was executed, combining targeted advertising, influencer partnerships, and direct engagement tactics like email marketing, push notifications, and in-app popups.

Engaging Content Creation: Behind-the-scenes footage, short-form videos, and professional graphic designs were created to capture and retain user interest, enriching the overall strategy.

Performance Highlights

growth in user base
0 %
increase in conversion rate
0 %
increase in rate of repeat purchases
0 %

Rapid User Base Expansion: The strategic approach taken by On Air Events was a hit, leading to astounding success. By effectively blending various marketing tactics, they achieved an 88% surge in their user base, marking a significant milestone in their growth journey.

Conversion and Customer Loyalty Boost: On Air Events’ dedicated approach towards improving conversion rates was highly effective, resulting in a steep 30% increase in this critical area. Simultaneously, their efforts to enhance customer loyalty didn’t go unnoticed. They saw the rate of repeat purchases climb by over 11%, further cementing their position in the digital event market.


The partnership between On Air Events and Favoured proved to be a winning formula. The cohesive approach towards user acquisition, engagement, and retention has demonstrated its effectiveness in achieving business objectives. The impressive growth in user base, conversion rates and repeat purchases are testament to this success. This case study exemplifies how a comprehensive and well-executed strategy can drive significant growth in the competitive digital event platform market.

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