Revitalising NuroKor: The Journey to Enhanced Conversion

Client: NuroKor 

Regions: United Kingdom

Key Achievements:

  • Increased the conversion rate from 0.4% to 3%
  • Achieved a reliable Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) of above 3.3
  • Consistently scaled by 15% month-on-month for the last 10 months


NuroKor offer cutting-edge devices that give you an effective, reliable way to manage pain and optimise recovery from injury or exercise. Through therapeutic electric currents you can improve your quality of life on your own terms. 


Despite its innovative product offering, NuroKor had a low conversion rate as well as a loss-making advertising program. They required a comprehensive strategy to enhance user experience, improve conversion, and drive effective engagement and acquisition of potential customers.

Strategic Approach

 To address NuroKor’s challenges, we took a holistic approach involving website redevelopment, conversion rate optimisation, and performance marketing.

Website Redevelopment: An overhaul of NuroKor’s website was initiated to enhance user experience, making it more intuitive, user-friendly, and conducive to leading visitors through the conversion funnel.

Conversion Rate Optimisation: We implemented tactics to improve the conversion rate, focusing on streamlining the user journey and making strategic adjustments to the website design and content to encourage conversions.

Performance Marketing Strategy: Alongside the above initiatives, we employed a comprehensive performance marketing strategy to target and engage potential customers more effectively.

Performance Highlights

conversion rate achieved, increased from 0.4%
0 %
reliable ROAS achieved
0 +
consistent month-on-month scaling achieved for the last 10 months
0 %

Driving Conversions: Our comprehensive approach resulted in a remarkable increase in the conversion rate from 0.4% to 3%. This demonstrates the effectiveness of our website redevelopment and conversion rate optimisation tactics in enhancing user experience and driving conversions.

Consistent Growth: NuroKor experienced consistent growth, scaling by 15% month-on-month for the last 10 months. This string of steady growth signifies the sustainable impact of our strategic approach on NuroKor’s business growth and profitability.


Our comprehensive approach effectively addressed NuroKor’s challenges, resulting in a significant boost in conversion rate, a reliable ROAS, and consistent growth. The notable achievements highlight the effectiveness of integrating website redevelopment, conversion optimisation, and targeted marketing in driving substantial business growth and profitability.

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